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Examples of "lavorgna"
LaVorgna was born near New Haven, in North Branford, Connecticut, the son of Sandra (née Schnepf), a college professor, and Joseph LaVorgna, a high school assistant principal. Raised with his three siblings in North Branford, LaVorgna has been appearing on television and film since the early age of three when he first appeared on the daytime series "As the World Turns".
I'll Be Home for Christmas is a 1998 American Christmas family comedy film directed by Arlene Sanford. It stars Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Jessica Biel, Adam LaVorgna and Gary Cole.
LaVorgna attended high school at the athletic powerhouse, Avon Old Farms, located in Connecticut. He also enrolled at Boston College, prior to leaving the school after his freshman year to pursue acting, specifically, "7th Heaven".
LaVorgna has a number of film roles to his credit, including "I'll Be Home for Christmas", "Beautician and the Beast", "Milk Money", "Monkey Trouble"; and "Blast". He appeared in two independent features: "Outside Providence" and "The Bumblebee Flies Away..."
He appears in the film "Blast", starring Liesel Matthews, Adam LaVorgna and PJ Soles, a cameo in the documentary "Vegucated". and the forthcoming documentary Home On The Range (2016).
LaVorgna starred as Nicholas Scamperelli in the series "Brooklyn Bridge", for which he received the 1993 Youth in Film Award for Best Actor. He then joined "7th Heaven" as a series regular portraying Robbie Palmer, Mary's (Jessica Biel) troubled ex-boyfriend who has moved into the family home. He left the show in 2002. LaVorgna recalled his choice to leave was due to having a hard time managing his way around Hollywood, California in addition to missing his family, mutually agreeing with the staff of "7th Heaven" for a dismissal. He returned to the East Coast of the US subsequently.
Adam LaVorgna (born March 1, 1981) is an American actor, known for his role on the television series "Brooklyn Bridge", and in the films "Milk Money", "Beautician and the Beast", and "I'll Be Home for Christmas", and as Robbie Palmer on "7th Heaven".
Three boys — Brad (Adam LaVorgna), Frank (Michael Patrick Carter) and Kevin (Brian Christopher) — go from their bedroom suburb of Middletown to the city, bringing money with hopes of seeing a naked woman. They find a hooker named V (Melanie Griffith) willing to show her breasts. However, when they go to head home, their bikes have been stolen. They're broke and stuck in the city.
The band achieved attention as a supporting act for bands Placebo, GWAR and Idlewild. The song "Flaunt It Like This" was being heard on college radio and as a result the song "Prozac Smile" appeared in the motion picture "Blast" released in 2000 starring Liesel Matthews, Adam LaVorgna and PJ Soles.
Hosted by Katie Wagner, the girls were judged by a panel composed of actresses Faye Dunaway, and Vivica A. Fox, along with casting director Joseph Middleton. The show was a creation of Jamie Kennedy. Jaime Pressly, "Days of Our Lives" Matt Cedeño, David Gallagher and Adam LaVorgna from The WB's "7th Heaven" also made guest appearances. The eventual winner was 18-year-old Michelynne McGuire, with Mercedes Connor as the runner up.
Eddie Taffet (Adam LaVorgna), Jake's nemesis and rival for Allie's affections, and his trio of goons leave Jake in the desert dressed as Santa Claus as a punishment for not getting an exam cheat sheet (a deal Jake was going through with that Eddie secretly sabotaged on purpose). While Jake is stuck in the California desert, Eddie ends up giving a reluctant Allie a ride to New York after she thinks Jake has bailed on her once again.
The initial meeting of Joy with the President, a dictator named Boris Pochenko (Timothy Dalton), gets off on the wrong foot, but Joy gets along well with his four children Yuri, Katrina (Lisa Jakub), Karl (Adam LaVorgna), and Masha (Heather DeLoach). Joy teaches them of life outside Slovetzia and helps them gain confidence in themselves. Joy frequently clashes with Pochenko, who is disturbed by her fierce independence and the fact that he cannot frighten her.
Giamatti was born in Boston and grew up in South Hadley, Massachusetts, the son of Mary Claybaugh Walton (Smith College '35) and Valentine John Giamatti. His father was professor and chairman of the Department of Italian Language and Literature at Mount Holyoke College. Giamatti's paternal grandparents were Italian immigrants Angelo Giammattei () and Maria Lavorgna (): his grandfather Angelo emigrated to the United States from Telese, near Benevento, Italy, around 1900. Giamatti's maternal grandparents, from Wakefield, Massachusetts, were Helen Buffum (Davidson) and Bartlett Walton, who graduated from Phillips Academy Andover and Harvard College.
The final day of Electric Zoo 2013 on September 1, 2013 was cancelled after two attendees, Jeffery Russ and Olivia Rotondo, died from hyperthermia and an overdose of MDMA during the festival, and four others had fallen ill. The organizers of the event and a number of performers provided their condolences to the victims. In response to concerns that the incident could affect future music events in the city, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's press secretary Marc LaVorgna stated that while the city would investigate the incident, live music events "have been part of the fabric of New York City for decades." On September 3, 2013, Bloomberg made a statement on the matter, lauding organizers for being "nothing but cooperative" in the wake of the tragedy.
The song was first recorded by friend and popular Austin performer Allen Wayne Damron during a live performance at the Chequered Flag folk club in Austin in 1967. Jerry Jeff Walker recorded his single version (with Bobby Woods, Charlie Freeman, Sandy Rhodes, Tommy McClure, Sammy Creason and a string orchestra) in Memphis, Tennessee on June 7, 1968, and it was released by Atco Records (Atco #6594) on June 20, 1968. In July or August 1968 he recorded a non string version in New York City for his album "Mr. Bojangles" with David Bromberg, Gary Illingworth, Danny Milhon, Bobby Cranshaw, Jody Stecher, Donny Brooks, Ron Carter, Bill LaVorgna and Jerry Jemmott. It was released by Atco (Atco #33-259) on September 25, 1968.
At the turn of the 21st century, Drinker Biddle initiated a series of mergers that significantly raised its national profile. In 1999, it merged with the prominent New Jersey general practice firm of Shanley & Fisher, P.C. In 2001, Drinker Biddle merged with two more firms, the Philadelphia intellectual property firm of Seidel, Gonda, Lavorgna & Monaco and the San Francisco firm of Preuss Shanagher Zvoleff & Zimmer. The most significant union came in 2007, when the firm merged with Chicago’s Gardner Carton & Douglas, giving Drinker Biddle a stronger presence in the Midwest and adding expertise in health law, employee benefits and executive compensation, hedge funds, and government and regulatory affairs. The Gardner merger also made Drinker Biddle, in terms of number of attorneys, one of the 75 largest law firms in the United States.
Robbie Palmer (1999–2002) (Adam LaVorgna) is Mary's, and then later Lucy's, boyfriend. He had been with some friends who were drinking underage and they were all arrested. Being a first time offender, he is able to avoid serious punishment by doing community service. While doing community service, he meets Mary. The two have dates at the Camden house under Eric and Annie’s supervision, because they feel they cannot trust Robbie. After a while, Robbie convinces Eric and Annie to let him take Mary to the coffee shop, where his parents met, for Valentine’s Day. The coffee shop turns out to be a motel. Mary punches him and leaves. He comes back a few months later to try to win back Mary. The two get back together, get engaged, and plan to move in together. However, Robbie’s ex-girlfriend, Cheryl, sees him and Mary together and realizes that he had been two-timing her. She tells Mary and Mary breaks up with him because she needs to figure out her life.