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Examples of "lazure"
Saint-Pierre lost his bid for re-election in the 1976 election against Parti Québécois candidate Denis Lazure.
Gabrielle Lazure (born 28 April 1957) is a Canadian actress. She has appeared in more than sixty films since 1981.
He was born on October 12, 1925 in Napierville, Quebec and became a psychiatrist. He is the father of actress Gabrielle Lazure. Lazure attended Université de Montréal and was a doctorate in medicine. He also attended the University of Pennsylvania in psychiatry as well as the University of Toronto in which he was bachelor in hospital administration.
Lazure is now following Vincent and Jocelyn to a cottage but Nick, Monroe and Rosalee get there first. Rosalee aids her to give birth but Lazure arrives. Nick attacks him and kills him while still he is woged. Vincent and Jocelyn leave for Alaska where many Glühenvolk are residing. Knowing he is still woged, Nick calls the police to find his corpse, shocking them at first sight. He then woges back to his normal form.
Nick and Wu (Reggie Lee) investigate the killing, with Hadley stating the Wesen was an alien. The incident catches the attention of George Lazure (Mark Fullerton), who claims to be a ufologist. While Nick and Wu find a piece of the skin of the Wesen, Lazure seems to know about the incident and manages to identify the "alien" from a witness. Nick learns from the doctor that the skin contains luciferase, which can make its skin glow.
Denis Lazure (October 12, 1925 – February 23, 2008) was a Canadian politician and a Member of the National Assembly of Quebec (MNA) from 1976 to 1984 and from 1989 to 1996.
Passer l'hiver is a 2013 French drama film directed by Aurélia Barbet and starring Gabrielle Lazure and Lolita Chammah. The film is loosely based on a short story by Olivier Adam.
During the Parti Québécois Crisis of 1984, Lazure, who is identified with the purs et durs faction of his party, resigned from the Cabinet and from the legislature. He eventually supported the return of Jacques Parizeau as party leader.
Waldorf schools frequently have striking architecture, employing walls meeting at varied angles (not only perpendicularly) to achieve a more fluid, less boxed-in feeling to the space. The walls are often painted in subtle colors, often with a lazure technique, and include textured surfaces.
He practiced law in Sherbrooke, Quebec with Wilfrid Lazure and Silfrid Couture until 1935. From 1906 to 1921, he was a crown attorney for the District of St. Francis. From 1921 to 1931, he was a member the Board of Education of the Province of Quebec.
Before being a Quebec MNA, Lazure ran twice for a seat in the Canadian House of Commons as a candidate for the New Democratic Party. He finished second in a by-election in the district of Outremont—Saint-Jean in 1967 and finished third in the district of Gamelin in the 1968 federal election.
Joshua Then and Now is a semi-autobiographical novel written by Mordecai Richler, first published in 1980 by McClelland and Stewart. Richler adapted it into the feature film "Joshua Then and Now", starring James Woods, Alan Arkin, and Gabrielle Lazure; directed by Ted Kotcheff who had previously directed Richler's "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz".
Joshua Then and Now is a 1985 film and a TV mini-series, adapted by Mordecai Richler from his semi-autobiographical novel "Joshua Then and Now". James Woods starred as the adult Joshua, Gabrielle Lazure as his wife, and Alan Arkin as Joshua's father. It was directed by Ted Kotcheff who had previously directed Richler's "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz".
During this time Geoffrion was an aide to Denis Lazure and then his successor Monique Simard. Simard did not run for re-election in 1998, Geoffrion ran as her successor 1998, and won easily. He sought re-election in 2003 and lost his seat to Liberal Jean Dubuc by 937 votes.
He was first elected to the Quebec provincial legislature in the Chambly riding as a member of the Parti Québécois in the 1976 elections and was re-elected in 1981 in Bertrand. During his first mandate he was appointed to the Cabinet by René Lévesque. Lazure served as Minister of Social Affairs and, after his re-election, as State Minister of Social Development.
WikiCity Guides began in 2009, and is led by Patrick Lazure and Rohit Keshwani. Each of the 22,154 towns follows a similar format, offering local news, a community calendar, free classified ads, a directory with links to most all local businesses, and local history. This project is also the first wiki to use Twitter as a tool to index content. WikiCity Guides was acquired by the Omaha World-Herald on October 27, 2009.
Lazure was the founder of the infant psychiatry department of Saint-Justine Hospital in 1957. He was also the director of this hospital as well as those of Riviere-des-Prairies and Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine all in the Montreal region. He would later be the director in 1974 of the first psychiatric hospital in Haiti. He was also a teacher at Université de Montréal and was the President of the Canadian Association of Psychiatrists.
Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) is worrying that her memories are straining her relationship with Nick. She visits Monroe, where she asks him the meaning of Grimm. Not giving details, he explains that Nick sees things that other people can't. Nick asks Rosalee (Bree Turner) about the Glühenvolk. She says that the species was thought to be extinct and the cow mutilations signal that their ovaries served for a birth. Nick decides to help the Glühenvolk couple as they could face extinction. They also discover that Lazure is in fact a Wesen hunter and also a Raub-Kondor.
In 1927 or 1928 a Men's Ready-to-Wear store was opened by Lawrence Lazure, next to the Globe Theatre. His office was shared by Mr. A Tissot, who was Lafleche's first photographer. The Globe Theatre began to show "sound" movies. This theatre was operational till about 1942 by Mr. Passmore but he sold it to Mr. E. Flynn. The theatre building is presently the Club 50. Before 1927, the people would watch silent movies in the basement of what is now the Legion Hall.
Escaping French authorities in 1946, de Bernonville sailed to New York City. According to historians such as Kevin Henley, professor of history at Collège de Maisonneuve in Montreal, the politically powerful Roman Catholic priest Lionel Groulx helped de Bernonville get into Quebec. He was welcomed by a significant number of the Quebec nationalist elite, but in 1948 Canadian immigration authorities discovered his identity and instituted deportation proceedings. In an attempt to keep de Bernonville in Canada, 143 Quebec notables signed a 1950 petition defending him and stating that he should be allowed to stay. Signers included the secretary general of the Université de Montréal; Camillien Houde, mayor of the city of Montreal; plus Camille Laurin and Denis Lazure, two future cabinet ministers in the Parti Québécois government.