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Examples of "ldhc"
There are two more mammalian LDH subunits that can be included in LDH tetramers: LDHC and LDHBx. LDHC is a testes-specific LDH protein, that is encoded by the LDHC gene. LDHBx is a peroxisome-specific LDH protein. LDHBx is the readthrough-form of LDHB. LDHBx is generated by translation of the LDHB mRNA, but the stop codon is interpreted as an amino acid-encoding codon. In consequence, translation continues to the next stop codon. This leads to the addition of seven amino acid acids to the normal LDH-H protein. The extension contains a peroxisomal targeting signal, so that LDHBx is imported into the peroxisome.