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Examples of "le_grand_magistery"
Between 2003 and 2009 the group released three album and one EP on Le Grand Magistery Records of Detroit.
The Comeback EP is an EP by the Canadian indie rock band Stars, released in 2001 on Le Grand Magistery Records.
A Lot of Little Lies for the Sake of One Big Truth is an EP by the Canadian indie rock band Stars, released in 2001 on Le Grand Magistery Records.
The Secret History is a New York-based indie pop/art rock group, formed in 2006 by songwriter Michael Grace Jr. and four other members from his previous group My Favorite, alongside vocalist Lisa Ronson (daughter of Mick Ronson.) Their first release was the "Desolation Town" EP in 2008, on the boutique indie label Le Grand Magistery.
The album The Little Red Songbook (Le Grand Magistery 61665-60006) was released by Momus in 1998. This CD features a number of karaoke versions of the songs that were used for a singing contest. The winners of the contest appear on the CD "Stars Forever".
The music of the artists on the label includes electronica, indie pop and rock, and Americana. Darla is currently focused on ambient. Darla is a label, distributor and online retailer. Darla Records is home to over 200 exclusively distributed labels including Ad Noiseam, Audio Dregs Recordings, Ici d'Ailleurs, Elefant, LTM, Le Grand Magistery, Matinee, Ohm Resistance, Siesta and Words On Music.
K.K.K.K.K. (1998) is the second full-length album from Japanese singer Kahimi Karie, originally released in 1998 on the Cornelius-run Trattoria label. In 1999, it saw US release on Le Grand Magistery, along with four bonus remixes. It was the last Kahimi Karie album to be made readily available in the U.S., a year after the release of her well-liked self-titled compilation.
The band's debut album, 2010's "The World That Never Was" (Le Grand Magistery), was an under-the-radar critical success, landing on best-of lists from, Spectrum Culture and taste-making public radio station KEXP (in addition to cracking the CMJ Top 200 for college radio airplay overall.) It was also listed among the best records of the year by Kip Berman of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart in the "NME".
PAS/CAL was an indie pop band from Detroit, Michigan founded in 2002 by frontman Casimer Pascal, aka Craig Benedict Valentine Badynee. The group went on to release three EPs and two 12" inch split singles over the next four years. After an exhaustive two years spent writing & recording their debut LP, "I Was Raised On Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura", which was released on July 22, 2008 via Le Grand Magistery, PAS/CAL disbanded.
Le Grand Magistery is an independent record label operating out of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan since 1996. They have been home to a number of artists including A Cuckoo, A Girl Called Eddy, Always, Baxendale, The Blood Group, Cinéma Vérité, Computer Perfection, Flare, Kahimi Karie, Le Concorde (band), Mascott, Memphis, Momus, Moose (band), Mr. Wright, The Music Lovers, PAS/CAL, Louis Philippe, The Push Kings, Scarboro Aquarium Club, The Secret History, Mike Sheldon, Stars, and Toog.
She is currently signed to Anti Records. She also made an appearance in 2001 on a promotional CD for the Nissan Altima with the track "The Soundtrack of Your Life". In 2001, she released an EP titled, "Tears All Over Town" on Le Grand Magistery, an independent record label. She started singing background vocals and keyboard playing for Francis Dunnery, a singer-songwriter, providing back-up vocals on his album "Man", and toured England. She also toured Europe supporting Josh Ritter.
Nightsongs is the first album by Canadian indie rock band Stars, released in 2001 on Le Grand Magistery. At this time, Stars consisted only of Torquil Campbell and Chris Seligman, although both Amy Millan and Emily Haines of Metric make appearances. There is also a very rare vinyl pressing of the record on the Japanese label Syft, which has since gone out of business. The vinyl pressing also has 2 additional tracks ("Friend's Father's Mother" and "Angeline") not featured on the CD version.
Stars Forever (Le Grand Magistery 61665-60010-2) (1999) is an album for which the artist Momus wrote thirty songs, one about every person or group who commissioned a song at the price of $1,000. "Patrons" include artist Jeff Koons and two-year-old animator/superhero Noah Brill. "Stars Forever" also features the winners of a karaoke contest started on the album "The Little Red Songbook" (1998).
Following the initial success of Stars, Campbell invited Dumont to visit in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Memphis was born. The duo's first effort, an EP entitled "A Good Day Sailing" was released on Le Grand Magistery in 2002. Over the course of the summers of 2003 and 2004, Dumont and Campbell recorded the full-length follow-up, "I Dreamed We Fell Apart", released in 2004 on Paper Bag Records.
Stars' music has been described as "beautiful, eloquent indie pop", characterized by lush instrumentation, nimble production and mixing, narrative lyrics, and soft but nuanced vocals. The band's style has evolved from an electronic-pop sound as heard on "Nightsongs" (released on Le Grand Magistery record label) to more rock-based instrumentation on their following three full-length albums, reflecting the permanent additions of singer-guitarist Amy Millan and bassist Evan Cranley on "Heart" (released on Paper Bag Records), and eventually drummer Pat McGee on "Set Yourself on Fire".
The indie pop group Mascott is led by singer/guitarist Kendall Jane Meade, formerly of Juicy. After that band disbanded in the wake of their 1996 album "Olive Juicy", Meade relocated from New York City to her native Detroit to plot her next move; weeks later she was invited to play keyboards on Helium's UK tour, followed by a series of shows backing Rebecca Gates' Spinanes. She formed Mascott soon after, releasing their debut EP "Electric Poems" on Le Grand Magistery in late 1998. Three years later, she released the Jim O'Rourke produced "Follow the Sound". "Dreamer's Book" was released on her own label, Red Panda, in early 2004.