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Examples of "leah_dizon"
"Love Paradox" is the 4th single from American born gravure model Leah Dizon. It was released March 26, 2008 and features an "internationally flavored pop upper." It came in two versions just like previous releases, CD only Version and Limited Edition CD+DVD Version. The CD only version was originally said to feature "Love Paradox (Bach Logic Remix)", but later for unknown reasons was removed. The lyrics for "Love Paradox" were created by Leah Dizon, Mika Atata, and Yunki Shori.
In 2007 NHK Kouhaku Utagassen, "Idol group from Akihabara" AKB48, "Otaku idol" Shoko Nakagawa, "Idol from the U.S." Leah Dizon performed a medley called "Special Medley: Latest Japan Proud Culture" together, introduced as "Akiba-kei idols".
Destiny Line is the debut studio album by American-born Japanese pop singer Leah Dizon. It was released on September 12, 2007 by Victor Entertainment. Dizon herself also wrote or co-wrote 10 of the tracks.
"Softly" is the debut single of J-pop singer, Leah Dizon. It was released on February 14, 2007, the same day she released her second photobook "Hello! Leah". The single fared moderately on the Oricon Charts, yet was quite a success for a debut single and has sold 48,554 copies to date.
Leah Dizon (born September 24, 1986) is a former "gaijin tarento", singer, and model. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, she moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2006 to pursue a career in entertainment. She made her recording debut on Victor Entertainment later that same year.
In the bonus comic "The Pastel Meeting", Kobayashi sketched a meeting with his editor where they ended up talking about the appeal of Japanese actresses/models Aoi Miyazaki , Yū Aoi, and Leah Dizon, who became the inspirations for the stories in "Pastel".
In Japan, Magibon has drawn comparisons for extreme similarity with Leah Dizon. In addition to appearing on a TBS Radio show in Japan, Magibon has been featured in the Japanese "Weekly Playboy" magazine, appearing in the February 25, 2008, April 14, 2008, 12/19 May 2008 and November 10, 2008 issues.
Communication!!! is the second studio album by American-born Japanese pop singer Leah Dizon. It was released on August 20, 2008 by Victor Entertainment. Dizon herself also wrote or co-wrote 10 of the tracks, along with composing 2 herself. It was released in a CD-only and CD + DVD format and it includes the title tracks from her two latest singles, Love Paradox and Vanilla, as well as two b-sides.
"L・O・V・E U" is the third single by J-pop singer Leah Dizon. The title song was described as a "summer up-beat song" in initial press statements. It was released on August 8, 2007 and came in two versions, a limited edition CD+DVD version and a CD only version. The song was used as the commercial song for the Shueisha magazine "Pinky".
He has been the producer for girl group Perfume since 2003, and for solo singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu since 2011, in which the hits "Polyrhythm" "(2007)" and "Ponponpon" "(2011)" respectively propelled them to mainstream attention and success. Nakata has worked with several other Japanese pop singers, including Meg, Ami Suzuki and SMAP, and has also remixed songs by other artists, including M-Flo and Leah Dizon. He ran his own label, Contemode, in association with Yamaha. After Towa Tei, he was the second Japanese artist to officially remix Kylie Minogue, contributing a version of her single "Get Outta My Way". He also formed Coltemonikha with singer, model and fashion designer Kate Sakai.
Actor and musician Masaki Kyomoto reprises his role as psychologist and counselor Karune Ryuzaki, the disguise for villainous Makai Knight Barago who is later taken over by the Dark Makai Knight Kiba, from the original "GARO" television series in a film revealing the character's history as well as the character's actions during the television series prior to his final battle. Mika Hijii also reprises her role as Kaoru Mitsuki, the female lead of "GARO" and one of Ryuzaki's patients who Barago intends to use to revive the Horror Messiah. Singer Leah Dizon joins the cast of "Kiba Gaiden" as the mysterious woman known as Makai Guide Elda who directs Barago towards his goal.
On April 23, 2007, American website Jame World confirmed the release of a new single, entitled "Kiss & Cry". The song's original working title was "Dancing Leah", which is a reference to Filipina American model Leah Dizon. It was written, composed, and arranged by Utada, whilst production was handled by Utada, her father Teruzane Utada, and Akira Miyake. For the song, Hikaru had played the keyboards and synthesizers, and provided backing vocals. It was originally recorded for her studio album "Ultra Blue" by Atsushi Matsui at Bunkamura Studios and EMI Music Japan Studios, Shibuya, Tokyo in 2007, but the idea was scrapped for unknown reasons. The finished composition was then mastered by American music engineer Ted Jensen at Sterling Studios, New York City, New York. The single also included the A-side track "Beautiful World", which also appeared on Utada's seventh studio and fifth Japanese album, "Heart Station" (2007).
Koda has been known for her "sexy" image. In 2003, she started a cleavage-baring trend when she appeared in advertisements wearing a metallic bra. Her 2004 work with the anime movie "Cutie Honey" continued this image, and in 2005, she began the "ero kawaii" or "ero-kakkoii" trend in Japan and was partially responsible for making the wearing of lingerie in public more acceptable in Japan. Koda's image has inspired other artists: Korean singer Ayumi Lee and American Japanese expatriate model-singer Leah Dizon, both known for their use of sexuality in the image, are inspired in part by Koda. Singaporean newspaper "The New Paper" suggested that her sexy image was responsible for her sales—she outsold "reigning J-pop queen" Ayumi Hamasaki in 2006 and 2007. In 2006, Koda began winning awards for being a new trendsetter in Japan, including the "Best Jeanist Award" on September 4, 2006, and the title of "Nail Queen" for her nail art on November 21, 2006, by Japan Nail Expo.