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cheok              piao              guey              jeng              chiew              xiaoou              lyu              quach              yongbin              shie              baik              leow              voon              pyeon              oey              chaing              foong              yeap              hoeng              phung              horng              pheng              liem              chyan              luu              cheang              pien              toung              shiu              chiong              wongpuapun              ieong              yeow              guat              suay              shong              sinkai              shyong              phoon              yian              weihong              khing              nieh              diau              teeradeth              khemtong              moun              hyekyung              luong              xiaobing             

Examples of "leang"
The cave, along with other nearby caves (Pettae, Jane, Saripa, and Karrasa), is part of the "Prehistoric place Leang-Leang" – the name stems from the Makassarese language. Like the other caves, it is made of limestone and lies from the town of Maros and from the city of Makassar. The entrance to the cave is located above a rice field, accessible by ladder.
Ly Kim Leang is a Cambodian politician. She belongs to the Cambodian People's Party and was elected to represent Battambang in the National Assembly of Cambodia in 2003.
Sinn Sisamouth was born in August 23, 1932, in Stung Treng Province, the son of Sinn Leang and mother Seb Bunlei.
Gong Gam Gong Geo is a 1964 Khmer film directed by Biv Chai Leang starring Chea Yuthon and rising actress Y Kim Sua.
Pettakere cave (Makassar language: "Leang Pettakere") is a cave in Bantimurung district ("kecamatan"), South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It contains paintings from prehistoric times.
The reorganization of the association was initiated by Leang Meng Ho in 1994, a former Girl Guide, who was at that time the Deputy Director of the Cambodian Institute of Human Rights.
In Chinese, (), meaning "Temple", refers to an asterism consisting of Kappa Aquarii, 44 Aquarii, 51 Aquarii and HD 216718. Consequently, Kappa Aquarii itself is known as (, .). From this Chinese name, the name "Heu Leang" has appeared, meaning "the empty bridge".
T'ang Leang-Li spoke English better than Chinese. He studied at London University and Vienna University. In 1925 he acquired a B.Sc (Economics), from London University, and was recommended as a member of the Royal Economic Society.
Chhor Leang Huot is a Cambodian politician. He belongs to the Cambodian People's Party and was elected to represent Kampong Cham in the National Assembly of Cambodia in 2003.
Liang Fa is the pinyin romanization of Liang's usual Chinese name, which his father used. is the Jyutping romanization of the same name in Cantonese, the usual spoken dialect of Guangdong's natives. His personal name is the common Chinese verb for "to send" but in Chinese grammar can also be understood as its past participle, "[he who is] sent". He is also known as , "", "Afa", "" or "" from the Southern Chinese habit of forming affectionate nicknames using the prefix "Ā-" (now , formerly ). was apparently his complete name, although it was used less often. It variously appears as "Leang Kung-fa", "Leang Kung-fah", and "Leong Kung Fa".
Banharn-Jamsai Tower (; ) is the tallest tower in Thailand, and the main attraction of Suphan Buri Province. It located in Chaloem Phatthara Rachinee Park, Tambon Tha Pee Leang, Suphan Buri. It is named after the couple Banharn Silpa-archa and Jamsai Silpa-archa. There are four floors.
In June 2009, the international Co-Prosecutor Robert Petit resigned from his assignment due to "personal and familial reasons". In November of the same year, Andrew T. Cayley was appointed as new international Co-Prosecutor, and his Cambodian co-prosecutor is Ms. Chea Leang.
Teav Aek () is a 1972 Khmer film directed by Biv Chai Leang. The film stars Kong Som Eun and Vichara Dany. It is based on the Khmer novel written by Preah Botumthera Som, Tum Teav, which is widely considered the Khmer Romeo and Juliet. This film was remade in 2003 by Fai Som Ang as Tum Teav.
"The Desire" is a film about "dance, music, art, culture and emotions". It tells the journey of an Indian classical dancer, Goutami, and the love story between her and a Chinese artist, Jai Leang, whom she meets during a travel assignment.
Ma Anliang (, French romanization: Ma-ngan-leang, Xiao'erjing: ); 1855 – November 24, 1918) was a Hui born in Hezhou, Gansu, China. He became a general in the Qing dynasty army, and of the Republic of China. His father was Ma Zhan'ao, and his younger brothers were Ma Guoliang and Ma Suiliang (Ma Sui-liang) 馬遂良. Ma was educated in Chinese and Islamic education.
T'ang Leang-Li or Tang Liangli (traditional Chinese: '; simplified Chinese: '; pinyin: Tāng Liánglǐ) (1901–1970) was a journalist and politician in the Republic of China. He was an important politician during the Wang Jingwei regime (Republic of China-Nanjing). He was an overseas Chinese who was born in Java, Indonesia, and whose family place of origin was Fujian. His Indonesian name was Tubagus Pranata Tirtawidjaya.
As of 2016, the majority of personal computers and laptops sold are based on the x86 architecture (despite inroads from Chromebook-style ARM designs, the segment-leang Apple MacBook family remains exclusively x86), while other categories—especially high-volume mobile categories such as smartphones or tablets—are dominated by ARM; at the high end, x86 continues to dominate compute-intensive workstation and cloud computing segments. (X86)
In Chinese, (), meaning "Right Wall of Heavenly Market Enclosure", refers to an asterism which represents eleven ancient states in China and which mark the right borderline of the enclosure, consisting of Delta Ophiuchi, Beta Herculis, Gamma Herculis, Kappa Herculis, Gamma Serpentis, Beta Serpentis, Alpha Serpentis, Delta Serpentis, Epsilon Serpentis, Epsilon Ophiuchi and Zeta Ophiuchi. Consequently, Delta Ophiuchi itself is known as (, ), representing the state of Liang (梁) (or Leang).
The EP also marks the first studio recording of "She Paints Me Gold," a song Joseph has often played at his live shows since November 2004. A music video made for "She Paints Me Gold" features a sequential collection of still photographs, taken by Cerise Leang on New Year's Eve 2007, documenting one of Joseph's all-night paintings. Another music video was also produced for "Second Sight," directed by Gabriel Judet-Weinshel, featuring video footage of Joseph lip-synching the song projected onto a billboard over Lafayette Street and Grand Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. premiered the music video for the album's title track on August 26, 2008. The video, directed by Cerise Leang, features Joseph and the band partying at his "Museum of Modern Arthur" art gallery in Brooklyn's DUMBO district. The website also posted a free MP3 download of the track as well. Shortly thereafter, a music video was produced for second single "Faith," directed by Stephen Shellenberger, and shot on a trailer park in Ipperwash, Canada. "Faith" was released in the UK as a double A-side promo single, with "Look Into the Sky," on December 15, 2008.