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Examples of "lecerf"
Pierre-Charles Marcel (1910–1992) was a leading Protestant Christian pastor and philosopher who studied under France's leading evangelical-confessional mind, M. Auguste Lecerf (1873–1943). Marcel was sent to the Netherlands by Lecerf to study under Herman Dooyeweerd.
Lecerf is a French surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Olivier Lecerf (1928 – August 10, 2006) was a French businessman and a Thoroughbred racehorse owner.
The President of the Departmental Council is the unaffiliated right-winger Jean-René Lecerf.
An owner-breeder of Thoroughbred racehorses, in 1986 Olivier Lecerf was chosen president of the "Fédération nationale des sociétés de courses".
Alfred Lecerf (born 4 October 1948 in Eupen) is a politician of the German-speaking Community of Belgium. He is a member of the Christian Social Party (CSP).
Olivier Lecerf was also a member of the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) and an administrator of the global cosmetics giant L'Oréal from 1990 to 2004.
Lecerf has been a member of the municipal council of Lontzen since 1976. He has also been mayor of Lontzen since 1994.
Purchased and raced by Olivier Lecerf, Subotica was trained by André Fabre and ridden in all his major races by Thierry Jarnet.
Jeune Europe (French; "Young Europe") was an Europeanist movement formed by Jean Thiriart in Belgium. Emile Lecerf, a later editor of the "Nouvel Europe Magazine", was one of Thiriart's associates.
Courthial began studying business, but after only one year he decided to pursue theology. He studied formally at the Protestant Faculty of Theology in Paris from 1932 to 1936, where he learned from Reformed theologian August Lecerf.
A resident of Paris, from 1974 to 1989 Olivier Lecerf was at the helm of the French-based multinational industrial conglomerate Lafarge Group, serving as its CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Auguste Lecerf (1872–1943) was a pastor of the Église réformée de France ("Reformed Church of France") and a partly autodidact neo-Calvinist theologian. From 1927 onwards, he was dogmatics professor at the Protestant Faculty of Theology in Paris. Spécialist of Calvin, he is the author of several books and articles on Reformed dogmatics.
In 1992 the car was entered by Del Bello Racing in the 1992 24 Hours of Le Mans with drivers Noël del Bello and sports car veteran Thierry Lecerf. For the occasion the car was fitted with an Alfa Romeo V6 engine. The car was on the initial entry list but never attended the race.
Auguste Lecerf was born in London on 18 Septembre 1872 from communards parents who had sought refuge in England at the end of the Paris Commune. He converted to Protestantism after reading the New Testament, and to Calvinism after reading Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion. His subsequent theological work is much influenced by Herman Bavinck and Dutch Neo-Calvinism.
At the country house V. finds that Helene von Graun has not yet arrived. He mentions his letter to Nina, which angers her. By a ruse, V. learns that it is Nina Lecerf herself, and not Helene von Graun, who was Sebastian's final romance. Nina was, in fact, the Mme de Rechnoy who V. had originally suspected, but never met.
Jean-René Lecerf (born 10 April 1951 in Valenciennes) is a French politician and a former member of the Senate of France. He represented the Nord department and was a member of the Union for a Popular Movement Party until 2015.
In France and French-speaking Switzerland, Auguste Lecerf's teaching and writing succeeds in creating a whole new Calvinist movement withint Protestantism. With his friend pastor Jacques Pannier, Auguste Lecerf launched the "Calvinistic Society of France" and he was the first editor of its Bulletin.
A September 10, 1973, note from the Belgian "Brigade de Surveillance et de Renseignement" intelligence agency described the organization of a coup d'état by certain "financial networks and far-right organizations", naming among others Emile Lecerf, boss of the "Nouvelle Europe magazine" (NEM) and political godfather of Francis Dossogne (future leader of far-right "Front de la Jeunesse" - FJ) and Paul Latinus, founder of the Westland New Post extremist group, in which Gladio's influence has been suspected, although ultimately never proved in justice. Paul Latinus would escape to Pinochet's Chile for a few months in 1981, before "committing suicide" in 1984. On the other hand, Emile Lecerf was also a member of the "Jeune Europe" far-right group.
In North America, Kuyper's political and theological views have had a significant impact, especially in the Reformed community. He is considered the father of Dutch Neo-Calvinism and had considerable influence on the thought of philosopher Herman Dooyeweerd. Others that have been influenced by Kuyper include Auguste Lecerf, Francis Schaeffer, Cornelius Van Til, Alvin Plantinga, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Albert M. Wolters, Vincent Bacote, Anthony Bradley, Chuck Colson, Timothy J. Keller, James Skillen, R Tudur Jones, Bobi Jones, and the hip hop artist Lecrae.