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Examples of "leclere"
3. Martin-Iverson, M.T., Leclere, J.F. and Fibiger, H.C., Cholinergic-dopaminergic interactions and the mechanisms of action of antidepressants, "European Journal of Pharmacology", 94 (1983) 193-201.
3. France: Pierre Boel, Robert Cohu, Jacques Flouret, Henri Hell, Edmond Leclere, Henri Lesmayoux, Fernand Prudhomme, Etienne Roland, Eugene Ronner, Marcel Vérot (Coach: Henri Kretzschmar)
A Girl with a Watering Can is an Impressionist painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir from 1876. The work was apparently painted in Monet's famous garden at Argenteuil. This painting is of Mademoiselle Leclere in her blue dress holding a watering can.
He moved to New York City in 1999 and worked as an architect at Kohn Pedersen Fox for three years. After KPF, Arad briefly worked for Leclere Associate Architects. When he submitted his design to the competition for the World Trade Center memorial, he was working for the New York City Housing Authority, designing police stations for the New York City Police Department. Arad now works for Handel Architects, which has offices in New York and San Francisco.
The Spaceship Martini is a Los Angeles-based indie rock band. Formed in 2006 by frontman Steven Martini during his ongoing first Sunday of the month residency at Canter's Deli, the Spaceship consists of members from other bands, including Ric Veda, invisibleland and Dropastone. Steven Martini plays the guitar, piano, and sings. Nishtan Motyka plays strings (violin, viper, cello), Terence Leclere sings and plays the bass, keyboards, and percussion. Arvind Singh (aka Brian Kessler) bangs on a cajone, sings background vocals, and is producer of their self-titled 2009 record.
Most recently in October 2013, a National Front municipal candidate, Anne-Sophie Leclere, compared the French Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, to a monkey and affirmed that she would rather see the French Guinean native “in a tree than in the government”. About a week later, students at an anti-gay manifestation surrounded Toubira in Angers, with signs that read “monkey, eat your banana”. Taubira later mentioned that France is in the midst of an identity crisis. On April 29, 2014, in the Independent, a UK newspaper, Taubira stated:
Sources are unclear which forces were present. Certainly, it was approximately 40,000 troops, and possibly 60,000, well above the 10,000–30,000 total Austrian and Württemberg numbers. Contemporary accounts place the 94th Demi-brigade at the center of action in Gremheim, a village between Höchstädt and Donauwörth, about from Blindheim. This suggests the presence of General Claude Jacques Lecourbe 's Corps, including the forces of generals Laval, Molitor, Jardon, and VanDamme. This is also confirmed in an extract of Moreau's dispatch to the French Minister of War, published in the "London Chronicle", 10 June 1800. "The 6th chasseurs, 13th cavalry, 4th hussars and 11th chasseurs distinguished themselves in this affair. The rest of the division, and that of LeClere, passed rapidly the Danube... General Grenier was equally well prepared." In his "Art of War", Baron Antoine-Henri Jomini also refers to General Dedon-Duclos as having a key role in the French success at Höchstädt.
By July 2, areas east of Patterson Street were off limits, and a curfew was enacted in other areas of the city. On July 3, the city lost its supply of potable water, but the water service was restored and the order to boil water rescinded on July 7. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Red Cross came to aid residents, and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and President George W. Bush declared the city a federal disaster area. Most displaced residents found shelter with family and friends, but many were sheltered in two area churches and a senior citizens' apartment complex. Some pets were rescued to a temporary animal shelter built for them at LeClere Park.
On 12 November 2013, "Minute" made its contribution to the ongoing series of racist insults aimed at the Attorney-General Christiane Taubira with its front cover headline "« Maligne comme un singe, Taubira retrouve la banane »" "Crafty monkey, Taubira recovers her banana". Since Christiane Taubira championed the passage of France's gay marriage law she has become a target for opponents of the law. The headline refers to one child brought to protest by her parents waving a banana in her face and to her chant: "« La guenon, mange ta banane »" "Ugly ape, eat your banana!". The previous week National Front candidate Anne-Sophie Leclere had published a picture on Facebook comparing Taubira with a monkey, for which she was expelled from the party. Following this latest controversy, prosecutors have begun investigating "Minute" for "public insults of a racist nature" at the urging of Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and the Interior Minister, Manuel Valls is examining whether it is possible to legally prevent distribution of the magazine.
"The Haitian Revolution brought an end to the first wave of evangelisation. Influence by the clergy ceased in the northern part of the country, the western mission improved under the British occupation from 1794 to 1798, while, in the south, the Apostolic prefect Père Viriot, was murdered. When the leader of the revolution Toussaint L'Ouverture came to power in 1800, he restored the rights of the Catholic Church. However, the council of Constitutional bishops at Paris had nominated a bishop of Santo Domingo, who never obtained recognition either from Toussaint or the Capuchins. In 1802 General Leclere restored the former jurisdictions of Cap-Haïtien and Port-au-Prince, and named as prefects Apostolic Pères Corneille Brelle, O. Cap., and Lecun, O. P.. These appointments were confirmed by the Vatican. Tensions increased as poverty spread, mistreatment of slaves was common and a class system grew between a French-speaking Catholic minority and the poorer Creole majority. The Haitian slaves revolted in 1804 and, under the leadership of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Haiti became the first black independent nation. After a massacre in 1804, nearly all the clergy left the colony. For the following two years the only religious services given at Port-au-Prince were held by a former sacristan. After the overthrow of Jacques I in 1806 some missionaries returned."
His pseudonym, combining the names of Wagner's hero Tristan (from Tristan und Isolde) and his villain Klingsor (from Parsifal), indicates one aspect of his artistic interests, though he said that he chose the names because he liked the "sounds" they made, the associations with Arthurian and Breton legends he had read as a child, and that there were already too many literary men in Paris with the surname Leclere. Some of his "orientalist" poems are addressed to a mysterious "jeune étranger," possibly symbolising his gay orientation, although he did marry in 1903, and had a daughter two years later. His first collection, "Filles-fleurs" (1895), was in eleven-syllable verse. After this he often used a personal form of free verse. He was a member of the Fantaisiste group of French poets. Certain of his poems were set to music by composers including Charles Koechlin, Georges Hüe and Georges Migot, and he is best remembered as providing the texts for Ravel’s song cycle "Shéhérazade" (1903). He and Ravel belonged to the Paris avant-garde artistic group known as Les Apaches for whose meetings he was sometimes the host. He recorded his long acquaintance with the composer in an essay, "L'Époque Ravel".
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