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Examples of "ledapple"
In 2008, Starkim Entertainment selected Jung Joon-young as a vocalist of LEDApple.
LedT was a three-member South Korean rock band formed by Starkim Entertainment in 2010 originally as LEDApple. The band's final lineup consisted of Seo Youngjun (JUN), Lee Kyumin (Kei) and Kim Hyoseok (AKi)
Jang Han-byul (born July 4, 1990) is an Australian singer and television personality who appeared on the "" and "Society Game". He is former lead vocalist of LEDApple and made his official debut with mini-album "CODA" on November 2011.
However, on January 1, 2015 the LEDApple official site stated that Kyumin would not leave the band. On January 5, 2015 Steroyal official Facebook announced 2 of LEDApple's new members, Hyunsang and Kyosung.
The part "Led" in LEDApple stood for "Logic Egoism Delete" and was promoted during their debut but they stopped referring to it since their "CODA" mini-album was released. Instead they replaced it with a practical explanation of "shining as brightly as LED whenever they perform" which was eventually referred to as a tribute to their role-model, Led Zeppelin. The word "Apple" in the band's name is supposed to represent their fresh image as idols and fresh music that they release, the name was changed later on August 18, 2015 as they stated to start as LedT from September 1, 2015. As of 2011, fans of LEDApple are officially known as "LEDAs".
Jang Jin-young (장진영) rapped in S.E.S.' "Sha La La" along with fellow member Jung Ji-hoon. He is the lead vocalist and youngest member of the group. He has acted as vocal coach to other SM Entertainment idol groups such as Shinee and EXO, as well as Boyfriend (Starship Entertainment) and LEDApple (Starkim Entertainment).