Synonyms for lee_kwang or Related words with lee_kwang

kim_seong              yoo_jae              kim_myung              lee_seung              jung_yong              yoon_jung              gyung              woong              choi_hyun              kang_tae              kim_gwang              byeong              choi_eun              kim_yeong              deuk              ahn_jae              pyung              yoon_jong              ji_seok              ryul              byoung              choi_byung              choi_yong              lee_myung              sookim              seob              kim_kwang              byung              kim_dae              choi_jeong              sung_hoon              choi_jong              keun              jung_hae              ryeol              taek              yoo_seung              myoung              jinkim              myung_su              ryong              choi_seung              jae_hoon              jeong_jae              heum              joo_hyung              choi_jae              jung_myung              yeol              myeong             

Examples of "lee_kwang"
International Artist Goh Lee Kwang born in Penang.
Lee Kwang-Seon (born September 6, 1989) is a South Korean football player who plays for Sangju Sangmu.
Lee Kwang-soo received a Best New Actor in Film nomination at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2012.
Story about Jo Seok's (Lee Kwang-soo) adventure with his wife Aebong (Jung So-min) and his family.
Lee Kwang-jong (, 1 April 1964 – 26 September 2016) was a South Korean football player and coach.
Lee Kwang-hoon (born 1959) is a South Korean filmmaker who has directed four feature-length films.
Lee Kwang-suk (born March 5, 1975) is a South Korean football player who plays for Jeonnam Dragons.
Lee Kwang-Jin (; born 23 July 1991) is a South Korean footballer who plays as midfielder for Suwon FC in K League Classic.
Lee Kwang-moon (, born August 4, 1983) is a South Korean rugby union player. He plays as a number eight and occasionally a flanker.
Confession (; lit. "Good Friends") is a 2014 South Korean neo-noir film starring Ji Sung, Ju Ji-hoon and Lee Kwang-soo.
Lee Kwang-ki (born 13 October 1993) is a South Korean snowboarder. He has competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
In 2012, Yim executive produced Lee Kwang-kuk's debut film "Romance Joe", and appeared in Heo Chul's documentary "Ari Ari the Korean Cinema".
The series features real-life friends and former "Running Man" co-stars Song Joong-ki and Lee Kwang-soo for the first time since Song left the variety show.
Lee Kwang-Soo (; born 14 July 1985) is a South Korean actor, entertainer and model . He is best known as a cast member of the variety show "Running Man" since 2010.
Ji Suk-jin is most well known as a cast member in the variety show "Running Man" together with Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-kook, Gary, Haha, Song Ji-hyo, and Lee Kwang-soo.
She has also been filming the show "If You Love a Chinese season 2" with Korean actor and entertainer Lee Kwang-soo, who is best known as a cast member of the variety show "Running Man".
In November 2011, Lee signed with talent agency King Kong Entertainment, which also manages fellow actors Lee Kwang-soo, Park Min-young, Lee Chung-ah and Kim Sun-a.
Lee Kwang-hee (born 1960) is a South Korean physicist. Since 2007, he has served as the Director of the Research Institute for Solar and Sustainable Energies at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST).
In 2013, Song participated in dubbing for the animated movie "Maritime Police Marco" as the voice of Lulu, opposite fellow "Running Man" member Lee Kwang-soo as Marco. She then played a female detective in Park Hoon-jung's crime drama "New World". In April 2013, she starred opposite Lee Dong-wook in KBS's historical drama "The Fugitive of Joseon".
The submarine was salvaged and towed to a naval base for investigation. One captured crewmember, the submarine's helmsman, Lee Kwang Soo, gave in after much interrogation and revealed much of the plans. He later became an instructor in the South Korean navy.