Synonyms for lee_myung or Related words with lee_myung

choi_eun              yoon_jung              yoo_seung              kim_yeong              kim_myung              choi_jong              byeong              kim_seong              lee_seung              choi_myung              kim_dae              kim_kwang              cho_yoon              woong              hee_kyung              kyong              choi_seung              eung              kim_gwang              ahn_jae              keun              kim_hyo              byoung              jung_hae              kim_hye              myeong              seop              chung_eui              eun_hee              lee_kwang              seo_hyun              hyo              ryong              jeong_hee              geun              kyoung              deok              jeong_ho              cheon              myong              choi_yong              kang_tae              gyung              kim_eung              choi_jin              myoung              jang_yong              choi_jae              heum              heelee             

Examples of "lee_myung"
The Somang Presbyterian Church is Lee Myung-bak's main source of socio-political connections. Many prominent figures of the Lee Myung-bak government attend the Somang Presbyterian Church.
Condoleezza Rice visited the bunker in her March 2005 trip to six Asian nations as well as the President of South Korea Lee Myung-Bak. Lee Myung-Bak also visited the bunker in August 2008.
Hyun previously served on the presidential transition committee for President Lee Myung-bak. He was one of the main designers of the Lee Myung-bak administration’s policy toward North Korea, “Vision 3000: Denuclearization and Openness” initiative.
Jang in 2008 performed at the inauguration of former South Korean president Lee-Myung Bak.
Director Lee Myung-se and his company, Production M, did not comment.
The government's macroeconomic policy was known as Mbnomics, named after Lee Myung-bak.
The Sunshine Policy was formally abandoned by subsequent South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in 2010.
The horror/mystery/romance drama is inspired by the 2007 Lee Myung-se film "M".
Nowhere to Hide () is a 1999 South Korean film written and directed by Lee Myung-se.
The report also criticized the Lee Myung-bak administration for interfering with the press.
Duelist (; lit. "Detective") is a 2005 South Korean martial arts film directed by Lee Myung-se.
President Lee Myung-bak of The Republic of Korea, recipient of the 2009 World Statesman Award.
Lee Myung-se (; born August 20, 1957) is a South Korean filmmaker.
The Lee Myung-bak government ended on 25 February 2013 with the inauguration of Park Geun-hye as President.
On 15 February 2011, a Handong Global University professor was penalized for criticizing Lee Myung-bak and the university chancellor.
The Sunshine Policy was formally abandoned by the new South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in 2010.
Three ships were planned at first, but the third ship was cancelled during the period of Lee Myung-bak government.
The former president of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak, was a former CEO of Hyundai Engineering and Construction.
Yet on December 21, 2009, Goh Kun was named head of social unity council by President Lee Myung-bak.
Chung, along with Chu ho-young and Park Hyung-jun, was a close associate of President Lee Myung-bak but later became critical of him and the leadership of the Grand National Party after Lee's election. On 26 August 2011, he described Lee Myung-bak's "fair society" governance as a failure due to the prime minister-led surveillance against civilians in 2010.