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Examples of "leleu"
Born in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, Leleu studied decorative painting and at the age of 26 succeeded his father in the family painting business. With his brother he began work in the Decorating field. After World War I, Leleu specialized in furniture making. He opened a Paris gallery, Maison Leleu, in 1924 and exhibited at the 1925 Exposition Industrielle et Arts Decoratifs, winning a grand prize at the exposition. Leleu designed the Grand Salon of the Ambassadors at the Society of Nations in Geneva and the French Embassies of several nations as well as the ocean liners "SS Ile de France" and "SS Normandie". Jules Leleu worked with Alice Colonieu, she performed for Jules leleu two beautiful ceramic panels for the Ocean liner "Pierre Loti".
Leleu was known for symphonic and piano works and ballets. Selected works include:
Jean-François Leleu (1729 - 1807) was a leading French furniture-maker (ébéniste) of the eighteenth century.
After the war Leleu devoted himself almost exclusively to monumental sculpture.
Thomas Leleu was born in Lille in August 1987 into a family of musicians.
Jules Leleu (June 17, 1883 –1961) was a French furniture designer.
René Marie Joseph Leleu (11 June 1911 – June 1984) was a French sculptor.
He is the younger brother of French trumpet player Romain Leleu.
Jeanne Leleu (29 December 1898 – 11 March 1979) was a French pianist and composer. She was born in Saint-Mihiel and entered the Conservatoire de Paris at the age of nine, where she studied with Marguerite Long, Georges Caussade, Alfred Cortot and Charles-Marie Widor. With Geneviève Durony, Leleu gave the premiere performance of Ravel's "Ma mère l'oye" in 1910. Ravel composed his "Prelude" for a Paris Conservatoire sight-reading competition in 1913 and Leleu won the prize. Her cantata "Beatrix" won the Prix de Rome in 1923. After completing her studies, Leleu took a position as professor at the Conservatoire. She died in Paris.
Leleu then studied under Paul Landowski and Marcel Gaumont at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.
René Leleu created one of the bronze sculptures for the Mémorial de la France combattante at Mont Valérien in 1960.
At only 28 years of age, Thomas Leleu is considered as "the young world star of the tuba".
Philippe Leleu (born 28 March 1958 in Lamballe, Côtes-d'Armor) was a French professional road bicycle racer.
"Fearless" was put up for sale in 1972 in Brisbane and bought by Mr Keith LeLeu for $1. He sailed her to Adelaide with a volunteer crew, taking nine days. Four months later LeLeu sold the ship, with other museum materials, to the National Trust of Australia, again for $1.
She is the wise ruler of the element of Water. The cast member who voiced her was Christine Flowers, and her singing voice was voiced by Sophie Leleu.
During World War I, German soldiers arrested the headmaster, the priest Achille Leleu, because he protected his students against the requisitions.
Thomas Leleu earned awards in several competitions throughout the world such as in Markneukirchen - Germany, Jeju City - South Korea, and Luxembourg.
In the year of 2012, Leleu was borrowed for the Brazilian club Paysandu, but returned to his former club in the same year.
René Leleu, who won the Grand Prix de Rome for sculpture in 1939, worked at the Villa Paradiso and then in Fontainebleau.
He is married to Ingrid Leleu (b. 1957). Their eldest daughter, Romy Tourné (b. 1980), is married to a Congolese-Belgian man and has a daughter Nina Tshikoyo.