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Mike LeLievre, Redmond MacDougall, Stephen MacDougall,
His partner in the boat for most of his active career was Gilles Lelievre.
April, Lelievre and two associates were killed a few minutes later when the bomb exploded. Eight others were injured in the explosion that nearly destroyed the apartment block.
On November 25, only 12 days after Dunie Ryan was killed, the two hitmen delivered a television, VCR and a copy of "Hells Angels Forever" to the apartment where April and Lelievre were working out of.
Gilles Lelievre is a French slalom canoer who competed from the late 1980s to the mid-1990s. He won three gold medals in the C-2 team event at the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships, earning them in 1987, 1989 and 1991.
A cultural trope imagines the female mantis as a "femme fatale". The idea is propagated in cartoons by Cable, Guy and Rodd, LeLievre, T. McCracken, and Mark Parisi, among others. It ends Isabella Rossellini's short film about the life of a praying mantis in her 2008 "Green Porno" season for the Sundance Channel.
The lawyer Wilson had studied under, James Boulton, left Perth after locals began claiming that he had goaded his understudy to push Lyon into the duel, since he was the understudy of Boulton's rival Thomas Radenhurst. Lyon's second, Henri Lelievre, fled the country fearing that some also considered him responsible for the duel, since he had encouraged a second round after both had missed their first shot. He is believed to have died in Australia.
Slowcoaster was formed in November 1999 by guitarist Steven MacDougall, drummer Devon Strang, and bassist Mike LeLievre. To promote themselves, they founded their own management company, House of Rock, which has since become influential in promoting a number of acts from Cape Breton Island. The band performed locally and toured the Maritimes, releasing two EPs, "Jody's Garden" and "Volume II". Slowcoaster added percussionist Darren Gallop to the lineup in 2002 and released "Leaves", with "Accidents & Excuses" following in 2003.
Initiated by the 20-year-old Lyon at the urging of his eventual "second" Henri Lelievre, the duel was held over the love of local schoolteacher Elizabeth Hughes, and occurred above the Tay Canal outside Perth, Ontario. After Lyon's death, Wilson and his second Samuel Robertson were both charged with murder in Brockville, Ontario, though acquitted. Two years later he married Elizabeth Hughes and they had three children together; he went on to become a judge and Member of Parliament before dying in 1869.
After an attempt to take the castle by a person called Lelievre, the residents of Bapaume ensured that the fortifications of the castle and the city were rebuilt in 1578. The period troubled by incursions and devastation lasted until 1598 when the Treaty of Vervins was signed on 2 May. An era of peace and prosperity followed, despite a plague epidemic in 1626, which ended in March 1635 when Louis XIII declared war on Philip IV of Spain. On 18 September 1641 Bapaume surrendered after a siege by the French army. This capitulation was highly celebrated in Paris since Bapaume was considered one of the main strongholds of Artois and Flanders.
The newly raised Bat' d'Af' saw active service for the first time during the conquest of Algeria. They participated in operations at Bougie in 1835 and took part in the siege of Constantine the following year. Between 3 and 6 February 1840 at Mazagran in Algeria, a detachment of 123 chasseurs of the 1st BILA, under Captain Lelievre, held off repeated assaults by several thousand Arabs. This action won the first battle honour for the corps and was subsequently commemorated in all battalions by memorial ceremonies on 6 February each year. A platoon of the Bat' d'Af' served at the Battle of Taghit when the French fort of Taghit was besieged by 4,000 Moroccan tribesmen, who were eventually repelled.
The Nambassa administration involved hundreds, to the extent that the 1981 five-day celebration gave out 1500 complimentary tickets to people and groups involved in the event in some official capacity. Those mainly responsible were: Peter Terry (Nambassa trustee, founder and events coordinator 1976-2005), Lorraine Ward (Nambassa secretary and trustee 1977-2005), Neil Wernham (art and graphics 1977-1981), Doug Rogers (music and staging technical adviser, 1976–1979), Fred Alder (Nambassa sun coordinator 1979, 1978 construction team, and former trustee 1978 and 1979), Bryce Lelievre (1981 festival secretary), Mike Taylor (communications and site coordinator 1978 and 1979), Jonathon Acorn (1981 Woozlebub coordinator), Trevor Kotlowski (1981 goffa), Mike Colonna (children's facility coordinator 1978 and 1979), Colin Broadley (programing, Nambassa book coordinator and open-air theatre 1979-1981) and Barry Lowther, (Mother Centre father, 1978 and 1979).
Ryan's downfall came on November 13, 1984. Ryan was at his Nittolo’s Garden Motel office – when Paul April, another reputed West End Gang member, let Ryan know that he had a woman in one of the motel's rooms waiting to service him. With his guard down, Ryan entered the room to find April, Robert Lelievre (a small-time Montreal hood) and possibly two others brandishing guns and attempted to restrain Ryan with tape. They likely planned to find out where he kept his millions and then murder him. According to police documents it was believed that Ryan was worth between $50–100 million. Ryan fought back and was killed by a shotgun blast before he was fully restrained.