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kajstura              anversa              quaini              jakoniuk              urbanek              torella              finato              bearzi              cascapera              nurzynska              barlucchi              bonafe              cossu              madeddu              geuna              biglioli              menasche              visone              mavilio              fumagalli              cesselli              nascimbene              bussani              ferracin              giacomini              ponzoni              servida              ghilardi              musiani              bocciardi              latronico              badorff              chiodoni              garaci              loffredo              salvetti              aguennouz              limana              sanvito              malorni              bottino              urbich              sampaolesi              tavazzi              cirulli              chimenti              perruccio              protti              mottolese              bussolati             

Examples of "leri"
Valeriya has her own jewellery and perfume lines – “De Leri”.
SHOX gene deletions have been identified as the major cause of Leri–Weill syndrome.
Borth Rowing Club stores its boat at, and launches from the Ynyslas Boatyard on the banks of the Afon Leri.
Leri's pleonosteosis is a rare rheumatic condition. It was first described by the French physician Leri in 1921.
Annarosa Leri is an associate professor at Harvard University. Along with Professor Piero Anversa, Leri is engaged in medical research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School. Since at least 2003 these researchers have been investigating the ability of the heart to regenerate damaged cells using cardiac stem cells.
The Dyfi National Nature Reserve and the Ynyslas Sand Dunes are situated where mouth of Afon Leri joins the Dyfi Estuary at Ynyslas. Cors Fochno is situated to the east beyond the Afon Leri. At low tide the remains of an ancient submerged forest with stumps of petrified oak, pine, birch, willow and hazel are exposed on the beach.
In June 2012 the Leri was affected by serious flooding causing property damage in Talybont, Dolybont and Borth following torrential rain in the area.
The Castle of Châteauneuf was probably originally a Roman "castrum" destroyed during the great invasions. A 913 charter referred to the "castellum de Leri".
Leri Gogoladze, also known as Larry Gogoladze, (, born 1 April 1938) is a retired Georgian water polo goalkeeper who competed for the Soviet Union in the 1960 Summer Olympics; he played three matches and won a silver medal.
Leri Kenchadze (, , born 16 August 1986) is a Bulgarian former competitive pair skater. With Elizaveta Makarova, he is the 2013 MNNT Cup champion, the 2015 Bavarian Open bronze medalist, and a four-time Bulgarian national champion.
Leri Kenchadze was born 16 August 1986 in Tbilisi, Georgian SSR, Soviet Union. He is the twin brother of Georgi Kenchadze. After living in Bulgaria for over a decade, he moved to Denmark in 2015.
The Afon Leri is a river in Ceredigion, Wales. It rises at Llyn Craig-y-Pistyll and is joined at Talybont by Afon Ceulan before passing behind Borth to its mouth in the Dyfi estuary at Ynyslas.
Leri–Weill dyschondrosteosis is characterized by mesomelic short stature, with bowing of the radius more so than the ulna in the forearms and bowing of the tibia while sparing the fibula.
Leri Greer, a designer at Weta Workshop, explained the unusual day/night cycle experienced by the Na'vi, who inhabit a moon orbiting a planet, that in turn orbits around a star.
Leri Khabelov (, ) (born 5 July 1964) is a Georgian politician and a retired wrestler, formerly a Soviet Olympic champion in Freestyle wrestling. In 2012, he was elected to the Parliament of Georgia on a ticket of the Georgian Dream party.
λ Eri is classified in the General Catalogue of Variable Stars as a Beta Cephei variable. The AAVSO International Variable Star Index defines a LERI type of variation. λ Eri is classified as LERI + GCAS since it shows both short term periodic variations and longer timescale eruptive variation. It was one of the first stars where short-period variations were found. The line profile variability periods are 0.702d and 0.269d, with intermittently present periods of 0.6d and 0.75d. The photometric amplitude of the variation is 0.010 magnitude.
Ehnström participated in the Finnish national selection "Euroviisut 2011" with the song "Da Da Dam" to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 which was held in Düsseldorf, Germany in May 2011. The song was written by himself and arranged together with Leri Leskinen.
Zaza has been active in wrestling since 1978 as part of the Trudovije reserve center under coach Vano Nikoladze. He was one of eight wrestlers selected for the Georgian Olympic Team in 1996. He beat Daniel Sánchez (Cuba), Dolgorsürengiin Sumyaabazar (Mongolia) and was defeated in the semis by Leri Khabelov (Russia).
Elizaveta Dmitriyevna Makarova (, born 17 June 1994) is a Russian pair skater who competed internationally for Bulgaria with Leri Kenchadze. They became the 2013 MNNT Cup champions, 2015 Bavarian Open bronze medalists, and four-time Bulgarian national champions. The pair competed at four European Championships and three World Championships.
He then married the Hon. Mrs Leri Butler (née Llywelyn-Jones), a divorcée (previously married to the Hon. Pierce Alan Somerset David Butler, son of the 7th Earl of Carrick); she was 24 years his senior. The marriage ended in divorce in 1973.