Synonyms for lesser_noddy_anous or Related words with lesser_noddy_anous

sooty_tern_onychoprion_fuscatus              sooty_tern_onychoprion_fuscata              whiskered_tern_chlidonias_hybrida              noddy_anous_minutus              stolidus              bridled_tern_onychoprion_anaethetus              lappet_faced_vulture_torgos              brown_noddy_anous              tern_chlidonias_hybrida              albifrons_bridled_tern_onychoprion              hume_wheatear              anas_hottentota              cape_teal_anas              anaethetus_whiskered              pied_bushchat_saxicola_caprata              sterna_acuticauda              chlidonias_hybrida              minutus_gull_billed_tern              hooded_wheatear_oenanthe_monacha              anaethetus_sooty_tern_onychoprion              caspian_tern_hydroprogne_caspia              little_tern_sternula              moussier_redstart_phoenicurus_moussieri              nettapus_auritus              flycatcher_myiobius              siberian_stonechat_saxicola_maurus              african_pygmy_goose              tern_hydroprogne_caspia_sandwich              whinchat_saxicola_rubetra_european              least_tern_sternula              arenaria_interpres              tracheliotos_white_headed              southern_pochard_netta              oriental_greenfinch              slender_billed_prion_pachyptila              golden_crowned_spadebill              fire_fronted_serin              antarctic_prion_pachyptila_desolata              hydroprogne_caspia              slate_colored_seedeater              platyrinchus_coronatus              albifrons_saunders_tern_sternula              crowned_lapwing_vanellus_coronatus              albifrons_whiskered_tern_chlidonias              sporophila_schistacea              white_winged_tern              bicolored_hawk_accipiter_bicolor              dusky_crested_flycatcher              rosea_laughing_gull_leucophaeus              blue_noddy_procelsterna             

Examples of "lesser_noddy_anous"
The lesser noddy ("Anous tenuirostris melanops") builds a platform nest of leaves in mangrove trees. This bird is listed as vulnerable under Australia’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.
Five species are considered to be breeding in internationally significant numbers: the sooty tern ("Sterna fuscata"); the brown and lesser noddy ("Anous stolidus" and "Anous tenuirostris"); the red-footed booby ("Sula sula") and the wedge-tailed shearwater ("Puffinus pacificus").
The lesser noddy ("Anous tenuirostris"), also known as the sooty noddy, is a species of tern in the family Sternidae. It is found near the coastlines of Comoros, Kenya, Liberia, India, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, South Africa, Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates.
There are two subspecies of bird endemic to the islands. The Abrolhos painted button-quail occurs only on five islands in the Wallabi Group, and is protected as rare under the "Wildlife Conservation Act 1950". Also gazetted as rare, the Australasian subspecies of the lesser noddy, "Anous tenuirostris melanops", breeds only on Wooded Island, Morley Island and Pelsaert Island.
The total bird list for the Chagos Archipelago, including Diego Garcia, consists of 91 species, with large breeding populations of 16 species. Although no birds ae endemic, internationally important seabird colonies exist. Diego Garcia's seabird community includes thriving populations of species which are rapidly declining in other parts of the Indian Ocean. Large nesting colonies of brown noddies ("Anous stolidous"), bridled terns ("Sterna anaethetus"), the lesser noddy ("Anous tenuirostris"), red-footed booby ("Sula sula") and lesser frigate birds ("Fregata ariel"), exist on Diego Garcia.