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Examples of "lessford"
The story takes place in England two centuries after the Norman Conquest (about 1300ce). Saxon scholar Walter of Gurnie is the illegitimate son of the Earl of Lessford and has been dispossessed of his inheritance by his father's Norman widow. After joining a group of Saxons who free hostages held by Lessford, Walter is forced into exile when he is recognized.
Walter offers to provide Engaine support so that she may live in London while petitioning the king for return of her inheritance that Edmond seized when they married. Edmond comes to claim her but Walter with eight archers of Gurnie stands with her and he cowardly backs down. Engaine, knowing Walter is married, calls Maryam a heathen and tries to undermine his marriage vows. Tris becomes the leader of the commoners' resistance. Walter escorts Engaine to Bulaire on the way to London where they discover that Edmond hanging with an arrow in his chest from the same tree that his mother hanged the six commoners five years before. Engaine's infant son is now Earl of Lessford, which restores her estates and makes her more determined than ever to have Walter obtain an annulment from Maryam.
In 1273 in England, Walter of Gurnie is a clerk (student) at medieval Oxford. The illegitimate son of the Norman nobleman Rauf of Bulaire, Earl of Lessford, he has been raised as a Saxon by his mother the Lady Hild and maternal grandfather Alfgar, a belted knight whose lands were confiscated after the Battle of Evesham and given to his bitter enemy, the drunkard lord of Tressling. Walter is in love with Tressling's beautiful daughter Engaine but is below her station. After participating in a student riot (led by new acquaintance Tristram Griffen, son of a fletcher and a chamber-deacon student himself) to rescue two fellow students from being hanged by the local watch, Walter attends a lecture by Friar Roger Bacon and is inspired to journey to the far-away semi-mythical land of Cathay. Walter and Tristram elude a hunt for them as leaders of the riot but Walter learns that his father has been killed by an arrow through the heart. The Countess of Bulaire, known as "the Norman woman" and the cause of Walter's illegitimacy when she married Rauf (thereby breaking his chivalric vow to Hild), has taken revenge by hanging six commoners without a trial while imprisoning their families.
Five years after raiding Bulaire, Tris and Walter return to London, rich with presents from the Dowager Empress. Their legal troubles appear to have become moot; King Edward is if not a revered monarch, a respected one who considers himself English first, with an obligation to better the lot of the common man. Walter learns that his mother died a year after their departure and that Engaine married Edmond and has a son by him. The new Earl of Lessford is more avaricious and oppressive than even his mother, hanging common men in revenge for the raid and barbarically driving others into banditry until open warfare exists between noble and commoner. Walter turns his share of their wealth into gold to pay his debts and redeem the cup he pawned to finance his adventure. Walter has knowledge of many wondrous inventions from the east—papermaking, gunpowder, the telescope, and the compass—but proof of their existence and Walter's copious notes of all he'd seen have been left behind during their escape. Walter returns to Gurnie to find his grandfather prospering in trade. Their reunion is disrupted when Engaine comes to Gurnie with her son, seeking sanctuary from her husband.