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Examples of "lessines"
Castle of l'Estriverie () is a castle in Bois-de-Lessines, a village in Lessines, Hainaut, Belgium.
The municipality consists of the following sub-municipalities: Lessines proper, Ghoy, Bois-de-Lessines (Lessenbos), Oseke (Ogy), Papignies (Papegem), Deux-Acren (Twee-Akren), Wannebeek (Wannebecq), and Ollignies (Woelingen).
César-Mansuète Despretz (4 May 1791, Lessines – 15 March 1863, Paris) was a chemist and physicist. He became a French citizen in 1838. A street is named after him in Lessines (rue César Despretz).
From 2006 until his death Criquielion was an alderman for the liberal MR in Lessines.
This table shows an overview of the protected heritage sites in the Walloon town Lessines. This list is part of Belgium's national heritage.
Pullen enlisted in the British Army at the start of World War II and was one of the survivors of D-Day, landing at Gold Beach. Later during the conflict he helped liberate the Belgian town of Lessines. The grateful town gave him the freedom of the city and he later named three of his homes (one in Bromley,south London one in Lee, South London and one in Looe, Cornwall, where he would holiday) "Lessines" in honor of this.
Giles of Lessines OP (died c. 1304) was a thirteenth-century Dominican scholastic philosopher, a pupil of Thomas Aquinas. He was also strongly influenced by Albertus Magnus. He was an early defender of Thomism.
Nostradamus - The Fate Of Man is the twelfth studio album by the Dutch progressive rock band Kayak. This concept-album tells the story of French doctor and seer Nostradamus, but from the viewpoint of a Flemish monk, Yves de Lessines. The (unproven) theory behind this is that Nostradamus was not the writer of his famous "Centuries". These poems were in fact written 200 years earlier by De Lessines, and they were a secret code to find the treasures of the Knights Templar. On one of his journeys, Nostradamus found the book that De Lessines wrote, and interpreted the poems in his own way, turning them into predictions. This theory was launched and motivated by Belgian professor and historian Rudy Cambier in his book "Nostradamus and the lost Templar legacy" (2003). Kayak found this approach much more interesting than the usual Nostradamus-stories, and decided to take this theory as a starting point for their second rock-opera.
Flobecq (; Picard: "Flôbek") is a Walloon municipality (with language facilities for Dutch) located in the Belgian province of Hainaut. It borders to the municipalities of Ellezelles (to the west) and Lessines (to the east) in the same province and to Brakel in the province of East Flanders, on the other side of the language border.
Lou Deprijck () is a Belgian singer and music producer born in 1946 in Lessines, Wallonia. He was a major figure in the Belgian pop scene of the 1970s and 1980s, with more than 20 million copies of his compositions sold worldwide. He is best known for the Plastic Bertrand song "Ça plane pour moi".
Flobecq was initially under strong influence of Tournai and, as in Tournai, Picard was spoken there. Since the 13th century, the area was continuously disputed between the County of Flanders and the County of Hainaut. Therefore, the region (including neighbouring places like Lessines, Ellezelles, ...) was often called "debate land" (Dutch: "debattenland"; French: "terre des débats").
Lessines (; ) is a Picardy municipality located in the Belgian province of Hainaut. As of the 2006 census, Lessine's total population was 17,848. The total area is 72.29 km² (27.91 square miles) which gives a population density of 247 inhabitants per km².
It is both an administrative and a judicial arrondissement. However, the Judicial Arrondissement of Mons also comprises all municipalities of the Arrondissement of Soignies but one (Lessines), as well as the municipalities of Brugelette en Chièvres of the Arrondissement of Ath.
The LESSINES post-office opened before 1830. It used a postal code 71 with bars (before 1864), and 214 with points before 1874. DEUX-ACREN on 15 May 1866. It used a postal code 104 with points before 1874. The PAPIGNIES post-office opened on 18 February 1880, GHOY and OLLIGNIES on 25 May 1905, OGY on 5 November 1907.
There are bases of Tournai fonts in churches in Bourghelles (France), Évin-Malmaison (France), (Belgium), Herentals (Belgium), Ichtegem (Belgium), Meilegem (Belgium), Ribemont (France), Roubaix (France) and St Sauveur. There are fragments of Tournai fonts in churches in Baardegem, Comines, Ere, Escanaffles (building material), Lampernisse, Lessines (St Pierre) (building material), Nivelles and Soignies.
The Arrondissement of Tournai (; ) is one of the seven administrative arrondissements in the Province of Hainaut, Belgium. It is both an administrative and a judicial arrondissement. However, the Judicial Arrondissement of Tournai also comprises the municipality of Lessines in the Arrondissement of Soignies and all municipalities of the Arrondissement of Ath, with the exception of the municipalities of Brugelette and Chièvres.
Gerard was probably descended from the lords of Lessines, and was related to both of his predecessors, Lietbert and Gerard I. He was "German in language in culture", as his Germanic name indicates, and his diocese lay on the Germano-Romance frontier.
Two people died in southern Belgium, according to Dutch and RTBF. A man was washed away in a street and a 72-year-old woman was killed in her car. Both fatalities occurred during the night of the 13 November, in the community of Solre-Saint-Géry, part of Beaumont, near the French border. By the afternoon another body was found in nearby Lessines.
Clause was born in Lessines, a Walloon municipality in the province of Hainaut, Belgium. He took up judo at the relatively late age of 23. His teacher was Robert Plomb, at the time a brown belt (1st kyu). Before, Clause had been a middle-distance runner.
Saint Lietbertus (Lietbert, Libert, Liberat) of Brakel (or of Cambrai, de Lessines) (ca. 1010–1076) was bishop of Cambrai from 31 March 1051 to 28 September 1076. Liebertus was born to the Brabantian nobility at Opbrakel (a village in the present-day municipality of Brakel). He served as archdeacon and provost of the cathedral of Cambrai before his election as bishop.