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Examples of "leucorrhea"
Young males are most often affected, though similar symptoms have been reported in females with excessive vaginal discharge or leucorrhea, which is also considered a "vital fluid".
Vaginal syringes were used to treat maladies such as leucorrhea or disease of the "pelvic viscera" by injecting water or water and chemicals into the vagina. Vaginal syringes were also used to treat menstrual cramps.
Medicinal properties have been ascribed to "Phallus indusiatus" from the time of the Chinese Tang Dynasty when it was described in pharmacopoeia. The fungus was used to treat many inflammatory, stomach, and neural diseases. Southern China's Miao people continue to use it traditionally for a number of afflictions, including injuries and pains, cough, dysentery, enteritis, leukemia, and feebleness, and it has been prescribed clinically as a treatment for laryngitis, leucorrhea, fever, and oliguria (low urine output), diarrhea, hypertension, cough, hyperlipidemia, and in anticancer therapy. Modern science has probed the biochemical basis of these putative medicinal benefits.