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Examples of "lexbots"
Caesar Colluzo is a self-taught engineer who is hired by Lex Luthor to design ultra-powerful, omnipresent robots. After the creation of the Lexbots are a success; Lex murders Caesar so that he will not reveal Lex's secrets.
Helen O'Shea (mainly called Mrs. O'Shea) is Lex Luthor's personal assistant, but after she murders the son of Dick Sandglass, she becomes Lex' full partner and his lover. Her husband, Denholm is serving a 50-year prison sentence for murdering a union organizer with a shed cutter. Lex met O'Shea after she was sent to the House of Detention for Women in Greenwich Village, and has been working for him since. Once she realizes Ceil Stickowski is going to inform Lois Lane on Luthor's Lexbots, she goes out to kill her, only to be killed herself by Paulie Scaffa, one of Lex's henchmen, who also kills Ceil.
Lex appears in the game as an ally for Brainiac. In Metropolis, after Metallo is defeated, Doppelganger turns Luthor into a kryptonian, but Maxwell gives Superman the upper hand by creating Kryptonite. (Superman was immune to its effects as Maxwell gave him lead armour). After Braniac transports Lex and Doppelgänger into his lair, Superman finds a starite in one of Lex's safes, which Maxwell collects to add to the Starites needed to get him and his sister home. Luthor is later seen during the final battle on Braniac's lair, where he uses his robotic suit and summons multiple insectoid Lexbots, many of which are Kryptonite-powered. After the Injustice League is defeated Lex (along with the Joker, Harley Quinn, Cheetah, Ocean Master, Professor Zoom and the Sinestro Corps) is teleported by Braniac leaving his fate unknown.
In the novel, Lex Luthor is alderman of 1930s New York City—used in place of Metropolis—and has a company called Lexco. Despite this, he still feels like something is missing. When he visits his dead mother's grave, he is attacked by hitmen. After he kills them, he feels excitement for the first time. Later in the story, much death and destruction is caused by his robotic ""Lexbots"". The fiasco leads to his first confrontation with Superman, and Lex believes the void he felt has been filled. By the end of the story, he becomes a wanted criminal, and even he says that he has never been more excited than he is at that moment.
Hollywood of 1937; Clark has a job as a stuntman and has a girlfriend named Diana Dewey, a costume designer. Willi meets with a former roommate of Lois's, a voluptuous nurse who goes by the nickname Skinny, where he is found by police and gets arrested. Clark tries out a costume that was made for a science fiction film that is now cancelled: a blue leotard with a red cape and a red "S". Upon trying it on, he is taken by it. After he discovers his ability of flight, Clark puts on the costume to free Willi from the police. Clark and Willi then head back to New York where they meet back up with Lois, now a reporter for the Daily Planet. Clark falls instantly in love with Lois. There at Clark and Willi's new apartment, they describe to an unbelieving Lois the person who freed Willi who is a "friend" of him and Clark's: Superman. The conversation turns from good to bad when Lois reports the sad news: the case that had been building against Lex Luthor has been dropped over the death of the head agent of the case and the missing, presumed destroyed, evidence. In a shocking turn of events, Lex announces his resignation from his position as an alderman. Inside the offices of his company, LUTHOR Corp., he initiates the construction of robots - seemingly benign, but equipped with surveillance and weapons capabilities - dubbed "Lexbots".
Batman and Superman team up and assault Luthor's massive airship. Batman is thrown off after confronting Lex Luthor and Superman saves him. The World's Finest then attempt to infiltrate Luthor's LexCorp headquarters in Metropolis, but are caught and forced to fight their way through the LexBots. After getting deep in the heart of the fortress-like building, Luthor reveals a giant Joker-esque robot and flees back to Gotham. After trying to sabotage the robot en route to Gotham, Superman and Batman are thrown off when the Kryptonite power-source is exposed and Superman begins to lose power. A weakened Superman and Batman then realize Luthor's plan. Using Joker's special gases, he can influence the minds of the public and win the Presidency. Batman and Superman then attack the robot again and force it to crash. After damaging it more, Batman forces most of the Kryptonite out of the robot, making a giant Joker face in Gotham viewable from the Watchtower. In turn, the Justice League is called in by Martian Manhunter. Realizing he has been defeated, Lex Luthor begins to lay siege to Wayne Tower. The Justice League arrive to help Batman and Superman and successfully stop and destroy the robot. With all of the Arkham inmates, Lex Luthor, and Joker captured, Batman says it is good for him to have friends he can call on in times of need. They all then decide to repair the Batcave as Green Lantern shoots a beam of green energy into space where he calls some of the other Green Lanterns to help.
On Halloween Night; Clark tries to cheer up a depressed Willi as they walk throughout the city. At the same time, Lois tries to help her former boyfriend, an ex-cop who believes Lex murdered his partner. When Ceil Stickowski, widow of one of Lex's old henchmen, calls to reveal secret information on what Luthor is planning, the two head out only to get into a gun fight with Paulie Scaffa, another henchman who just now murdered Ceil and Mrs. O'Shea, Luthor's partner. Paulie takes off - not before shooting Ben, Lois's police officer boyfriend - and takes off only to be stopped by Clark, wearing his Superman costume, as he damages the car to get Paulie out. However, inside the trunk is one of the Lexbots and it soon activates and attacks Superman. After a horrifying attack that leaves a few sections of the city street on fire, a bruised and exhausted Superman finally destroys the Lexbot and escapes before police can arrest him. The next morning, thanks to his article and the revelation that the evidence against Lex was not destroyed, as well as new evidence found by Lois of the LUTHOR Corp. logo on the robot; Lex Luthor is called to be arrested and Clark gets a job at the Daily Planet. Before he is arrested, Superman meets with Lex at his home; as Lex talks about how similar the two are, making them "perfect rivals", Lex forces his assistant to jump from the window. Superman saves the assistant, but upon returning, he learns that not only is the assistant dead of a heart attack, but that Lex used the time to escape.