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pillau              gotenhafen              hanko              baltiysk              reval              midilli              elbing              petsamo              sveaborg              novorossisk              kronstadt              helgoland              tuapse              wismar              sulina              narvik              petropavlovsk              memel              kronshtadt              ivangorod              windau              wilhelmshaven              novorossiysk              vyborg              cuxhaven              stralsund              feodosiya              suomenlinna              kerch              sassnitz              libava              bomarsund              gogland              paldiski              ochakov              archangelsk              naissaar              antrea              marstrand              nakhodka              flottille              usedom              zenta              porkkala              stettin              seeadler              kommuna              sortavala              mukran              turunmaa             

Examples of "libau"
Libau Rentap and his warriors then came under heavy fire from the stockade and had to retreat upriver. It is uncertain whether or not Libau Rentap and his warriors were successful in taking Lee’s head.
The marshes between Ironwood Point and Libau are known as the Netley-Libau Marsh and is known for its tremendous concentrations of southward migrating birds, with numbers of geese and ducks exceeding 100,000 during fall migration.
The city started to grow in 1873 when a branch of the Libau–Romny Railway was built which connected Dünaburg/Daugavpils to the east with the ice-free Baltic port of Libau/Liepāja.
During the war, the words of "The Jäger March" were written in Libau by Heikki Nurmio.
The New York Times called Rogovin "a famous Russian engineer who built Libau and many fortresses".
At eight o’clock in the morning, the Tuan Muda Charles Brooke's warriors began to go down the Bukit Sadok in retreat. Should Libau Rentap and his warriors attack them, then they would suffer greatly, but this was not done. Libau Rentap was very satisfied with his victory in defending his fort on Bukit Sadok. Libau Rentap's popularity with the Dayak Ibans increased greatly. The Dayak Iban then strongly believed that Libau Rentap's fort was under the protection of the legendary characters named Keling and Bunga Nuing, which could not be taken by their enemy.
J.J.Saville were Sheffield crucible steel and file makers based at Libau Works in the city.
Their small boats were swamped by the heavy war boats of Libau Rentap’s main fleet. Brereton’s small boat capsized but with difficulty he managed to save himself by swimming to the river bank. Lee continued to fight against the Libau Rentap warriors fearlessly, but he was overpowered and killed, and fell into the Skrang River with his head almost severed from his shoulder. It was Layang, the son-in-law of Libau Rentap, who chopped off Lee’s head.
By late 1920, "Czar" had been returned to the East Asiatic Company, which placed her in service for the Baltic American Line under the new name of "Estonia". For her first Baltic American trip she sailed from Glasgow on 11 January 1921 for New York, Danzig, and Libau, arriving at the latter by mid-February. Departing from Libau on 23 February, she began a regular Libau – Danzig – Boston – New York service, sailing opposite and .
At mid-day on 15 June 1857, Tuan Muda Charles Brooke's warriors started to attack the Libau Rentap fort under the cover of their pilan screen. At four o’clock in the afternoon, the attacking party had reached a position within six or seven yards from the Libau Rentap Fort. Libau Rentap and his warriors started throwing stones and spears from the fort, which fell on the attacking party. They also used their muskets and small swivel cannons to defend themselves.
In an attempt to put Libau 'on the map', on 31 January 1922 the Libau Bank was founded with significant new capital, transforming the old Libau Exchange Bank which had belonged to the Libau Exchange Association, and it eventually became the fourth largest of Latvia's joint stock banks. However when a Riga branch of the bank was opened, the business centre of gravity shifted from Liepāja so that by 1923 its Riga 'branch' was responsible for 90% of the turnover. The German consul in Liepāja reported at the time that "Riga, the economic heart of the country, draws all business to itself." The Latvian government ignored the pleas of the Libau Exchange Association to frustrate this. In 1935 KOD () started to manufacture the light aircraft KOD-1 and KOD-2 at Liepāja. However it became evident in this year that trade with the new Soviet Union had virtually collapsed.
Then 50 to 60 of Libau Rentap's warriors were seen tearing away over the open ground covering their bodies with shields and fleeing towards Bukit Sadok. They were followed by the defenders of the fort who rolled down the side of the hill. Libau Rentap was said to be wounded and had to be carried away by his warriors who fled down the hill to a second and much more stronger fort located on the summit of Bukit Sadok. Libau Rentap's fort at Sungai Lang was defeated and conquered by the White Rajah's men. The White Rajah's forces spent a night at the Sungai Lang Libau Rentap fort. It was a mere victory for them, as Libau Rentap was wounded but did not surrender himself to the White Rajah.
All ships were built by the Lake company at the Libau Arsenal (Latvia) and were launched in 1904
Nicolaus Kleinenberg (11 March 1842, in Libau – 5 November 1897, in Naples) was a Baltic German zoologist and evolutionary morphologist.
On 8 June 1857, the Tuan Muda Charles Brooke and his warriors were building a stockade at the Rapu. It was located at the end of the Bukit Sadok facing the position being occupied by Libau Rentap. Libau Rentap's fort was formidable as it was being made of the vertical iron wood (Tebelian) planks which could not be penetrated by the firing of the rifle shots. It was also surrounded on all sides by the steep cliff. Inside the fort, Libau Rentap's warriors had built a platform from which they could shoot their enemies who were moving ahead in a narrow file along the backbone of a rock leading to Libau Rentap's fort. It was almost impossible for the Tuan Muda Charles Brooke's warriors to attack Libau Rentap's fort from the Rapu end of the Bukit Sadok. Libau also had muskets, cannons and a small swivel-gun which Libau Rentap had captured when Alan Lee was killed at the war battle at the Lintang Batang in 1853.
The Tuan Muda Charles Brooke was determined to crush Libau Rentap in his stronghold on top of Bukit Sadok. On 2 June 1857, Tuan Muda Charles Brooke organised a war expedition to attack Libau Rentap with a large group of warriors consisting of 3,500 Dayaks and 500 Malays.
The Red flows further north before draining into Lake Winnipeg through the Nelson River, both part of the Hudson Bay watershed. The mouth of the Red River forms a freshwater river delta called the Netley-Libau Marsh. The Netley Marsh is west of the Red and the Libau Marsh is east, forming a wetland.
Libavius was born in Halle, Germany, as Andreas Libau, the son of Johann Libau. He attended the gymnasium in Halle and in 1578 began studying at the University of Wittenberg. In 1579 he entered the University of Jena where he studied philosophy, history and medicine. In 1581 he obtained the academic degree of "magister artium" and was named a poet laureate.
In 1560, Gotthard Kettler loaned all the Grobiņa district, including Libau, to Albert, Duke of Prussia for 50,000 guldens. Only in 1609 after the marriage of Sofie Hohenzollern, Princess of Prussia, to Wilhelm Kettler did the territory return to the Duchy. During the Livonian War, Libau was attacked and burnt by the Swedes.
After the death of their brother Aji Apai Limpa, the other two brothers named Nanang and Luyoh, the sons of Orang Kaya Pemancha Dana Bayang strongly supported Libau Rentap. They built a stockade at another ridge below the fortress of Libau Rentap at Bukit Sadok.