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cordula              roswitha              waltraud              traute              elfi              annegret              heidemarie              hiltrud              irmgard              gustl              birte              dorothee              frauke              wiebke              annerose              hannelore              trude              mascha              almut              jutta              svenja              ricarda              elsbeth              beate              sigrun              balduin              gesine              thalbach              mareike              bayrhammer              gerhild              elfgard              edeltraud              antje              arved              inken              erfried              rotraut              susen              maike              harro              czerwenka              gerti              marlis              waltraut              gertraud              irmela              marieluise              hellmut              ortrun             

Examples of "lieselotte"
The recent death of the king of Artolia had led to a dispute between the Princes Langrey and Kristoff over the succession to the throne. Lord Cennair, archmagus of Artolia died mysteriously; the court magicians Rosea and Lieselotte accused each other of murdering him and both were banished. Meanwhile, Cennair's adopted son Ushio tried to track down Rosea and Lieselotte to avenge his death. On the bad path, Wylfred meets Rosea, who kills Lieselotte after Lieselotte attempts to assassinate Prince Langrey to avert a war. On the normal path, Wylfred meets Lieselotte, who kills Rosea. On the best path, Rosea and Lieselotte kill each other after being tracked down by Wylfred and Ushio.
• C'est le printemps by Lieselotte M Blasen; Aurelius Battaglia, French, Publisher: Paris : Lito, ©1964.
• C'est le printemps ! by Lieselotte M Blasen; Aurelius Battaglia, French, Publisher: Paris : Éditions Lito, 1976
Lieselotte Thoms-Heinrich was married to the senior journalist and trades union officer, Eberhard Heinrich.
• Spiel + Lies! Wir spielen im Frühling! by Aurelius Battaglia; Lieselotte M Blasen; German, Publisher: Erlangen : Pestalozzi-Verl., [1976]
Lieselotte Thoms-Heinrich (born Lieselotte Lehmann; 29 October 1920 - 14 July 1992) was a journalist and officially mandated feminist. Between 1968 and 1981 she was editor in chief of the mass circulation women's magazine, . She was also a member of the national parliament (""Volkskammer"") between 1963 and 1981.
Eberhard Heinrich was married to Lieselotte Thoms-Heinrich, a journalist and, between 1963 and 1990, a longstanding member of the National Legislature ("Volkskammer").
Lieselotte Breker (born February 15, 1960 in Hanau) is a German sport shooter. She competed in pistol shooting events at the Summer Olympics in 1988 and 1992.
On 19 August 1944, he married Elisabeth Ritschel in Vienna; their first daughter, Lieselotte, was born the following year. A son, Gerhard, and another daughter, Christa, followed.
After 1981 Lieselotte Thoms-Heinrich continued to work for the party central committee's Marxism–Leninism institute, also remaining active as a freelance journalist and publishing several books.
Friedrich Wilhelm married on 18 Sep 1991 in Munich to Andrea Messner (b. 1966), daughter of Günther Messner, and his wife, Lieselotte Trzoska.
2012 “Intersubjectification and clause periphery”. In Lieselotte Brems, Lobke Ghesquière, and Freek Van de Velde, eds., Intersections of Intersubjectivity, special issue of English Text Construction 5: 7-28.
Zassenhaus married Lieselotte Lohmann in 1942. The couple raised three children: Michael (born 1943), Angela (born 1947), and Peter (born 1949). In 1943 Zassenhaus became extraordinary professor. He became Managing Director of the Hamburg Mathematical Seminar.
Lieselotte Van Lindt (born 10 May 1989) is a Belgian field hockey player. At the 2012 Summer Olympics she competed with the Belgium women's national field hockey team in the women's tournament.
Construction of the Z1 was privately financed. Zuse got money from his parents, his sister Lieselotte, some students of the fraternity "AV Motiv" (cf. Helmut Schreyer) and Kurt Pannke (a calculating machines manufacturer in Berlin) to do so.
Lieselotte ″"Lilo"″ Fürst-Ramdohr (11 October 1913 – 13 May 2013) was a member of the Munich branch of the student resistance group White Rose ("Weiße Rose") in Nazi Germany. She was born in Aschersleben.
In 1939, he followed his fiancée and later wife, Jewish actress Lieselotte Goettinger (best known in the UK for playing the concentration camp guard in the war films, "Odette" and "Carve Her Name With Pride"), into exile in London. There he took part in propaganda broadcasts against the Nazis on the BBC. In order to earn a living, the Pohlmanns temporarily took positions in the household of the Duke of Bedford, Lieselotte as a cook and Eric, as he was now known, as butler.
Later that month, Heinrich Himmler ordered her arrested again and sentenced to death, but she managed to escape. Ramdohr married German-born, Brazilian-raised medical student Carl Gebhard Fürst (1920–2010) in February 1944 in Munich, and escaped to her hometown of Aschersleben, using the name Lieselotte Fürst.
Brauchitsch later remarried, to Lieselotte, and they were permitted to visit West Germany occasionally. Following the death of Hermann Lang in 1987, Brauchitsch was regarded as the last surviving member of the pre-war "Silver Arrow" drivers. He died in Gräfenwarth in 2003.
He maintained a library of his photographs and travels at his home in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Graf died at the age of 100 on December 14, 2001, at his home in Düsseldorf, Germany, having returned there after living the majority of his life in the United States. He was survived by his wife Lieselotte Vorwerk, as well as by a daughter.