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Examples of "liftback"
The liftback was introduced for the Japanese market in April 1973, but not until July 1974 for export models. Models for the Japanese market liftback were the 1600ST, 1600GT (TA27), 2000ST, and 2000GT (RA25 and RA28). The American liftback was only offered as GT (RA29) with a 2.2-liter 20R engine for the 1976 and 1977 model year. All the liftback models have flat noses.
4dr sedan, 2dr hardtop, 4dr liftback coupé (standard only sedan)
In 2009, BMW released the 5 Series Gran Turismo (F07), a five-door liftback of similar body style to the Porsche Panamera. The GT is much taller than other fastback/liftback competitors.
Variants of the VR-4 using the same engine and drivetrain were sold in Japan as the Eterna XX-4 liftback (1992) and Galant Sports GT liftback (1994–96).
The Sprinter sports cars, in two-door coupé and three-door liftback forms, were notable for being the line's first use of pop-up headlamps, which the equivalent Corolla Levin sports models did not have. The liftback has a .
An AMX version of the Spirit liftback was offered for 1979 and 1980.
The RSX was marketed in April 2001 as a sports coupe / liftback.
The Dacia Solenza was a subcompact liftback automobile manufactured by Romanian auto marque Dacia.
For 1981, AMC introduced Eagle models (SX/4 liftback and Kammback sedan) based on both Spirit body styles.
In 1979, the Spirit sedan replaced the Gremlin. A new fastback version of the car, the Spirit Liftback, proved successful.
1974 brought the third generation Sprinter based on the third generation Corolla coupe, 2 door sedan, 4 door sedan and liftback. Once again, the differences between the Corolla and Sprinter were mostly cosmetic. Sedans received a more formal upright grill, while the coupe and liftback received a sleeker, aerodynamic looking frontal treatment.
Originally known simply as the 9000, the original liftback variant was later given the CC identifier, standing for "combi coupe", to differentiate it from the CD sedan and CS liftback. While originally equipped with an upright front design, this was replaced by the sloped version in mid-1990—the design that had earlier debuted on the 9000 CD (sedan) in 1987.
The Renault 21 liftback and sedan petrol-fueled models ceased production in early 1994, following the launch of the all-new Laguna liftback, but the diesels and the Nevada/Savanna remained on the market, until their replacement Laguna variants were launched (late 1994 for the diesels and late 1995 for the Nevada/Savanna).
The Australian spec Celica ST162 were the base model ST with 3S-FE engine offered as coupe and liftback, and the top of the line SX liftback with higher performance 3S-GE Twincam engine. Rear spoiler and alloy wheels came standard on the SX, which made it the same appearance as the Japanese GT-R or American GT-S.
A liftback is a broad marketing term for a hatchback where the rear cargo door is more horizontal than vertical, with a sharply raked or fastback profile. In comparison with the hatchback the back opening area is more sloped and longer and is lifted up to open, offering more luggage space. Very similar is the "fastback". Liftback and fastback are often misused. A fastback is described as a hatchback where the rear cargo door flows down continuously from the roof of the car and most of the time is not as raked as the liftback.
Although there is no "B" pillar in the liftback, the rear windows do not roll down (as they do in the hardtop coupe).
Multiple pick-ups derived from the original sedan and estate bodies, but also a less popular 2-door coupe and an even rarer liftback.
Shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in October–November 1971, the SV-1 was the prototype for the Celica liftback released in April 1973.
A liftback version was also produced, known as the Eterna ZR-4. This had some minor cosmetic differences, but mechanically was the same as the VR-4 sedan.
Originally conceived as a possible successor to the Porsche 944, the Corrado is a three-door hatchback/liftback with a 2+2 seating layout.