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Examples of "ligabue"
Luciano Ligabue (born 13 March 1960), commonly known as Ligabue, is an Italian singer-songwriter, film director and writer.
Ligabue was married to the Italian baritone Paolo Pedani.
The present director is Dr. Federico Kauffmann Doig, and is operated in combination with the Center Studi Ricerche Ligabue (Italy), whose director is the anthropologist and paleontologist Dr . Giancarlo Ligabue,
The discography of Ligabue, the Italian rock-singer Luciano Ligabue, consists of eleven studio albums, two compilation albums, one soundtrack albums, five live albums, sixty-six singles as a lead artist and four singles as a featured artist.
The "Gli ostacoli del cuore" music video was directed by Ligabue.
Giancarlo Ligabue (30 October 1931 – 25 January 2015) was an Italian palaeontologist, scholar, politician and businessman.
Ligabue is a family name of Italian origin, and may refer to:
The arena also hosted various concerts of Italian artists, like the local born Luciano Ligabue.
Luciano Ligabue (13 June 2000; 5 July 2002; 22 July 2007; 7 September 2010)
His last album, "301 guerre fa" (2002) was composed with the collaboration of his son Alberto and Luciano Ligabue.
In 2002, Sergio Negri, leading expert of Ligabue, publishes the General Catalogue of the paintings (the publishing house Mondadori Electa)
It features the singer-songwriter Francesco Guccini (with whom Ligabue also collaborated for a song) in a small role.
Ligabue is a 1978 Italian biographical drama film directed by Salvatore Nocita. It depicts real life events of painter Antonio Ligabue. For this film Nocita was awarded Nastro d'Argento for Best New Director, while Flavio Bucci won the Nastro d'Argento for Best Actor.
"Gli ostacoli del cuore" (en: The Obstacles of Heart) is a pop single by Italian singer Elisa, featuring pop rock Italian singer Ligabue, from her first greatest hits album, "Soundtrack '96-'06". Released as the album's lead single, the song was written by Ligabue, and produced by Corrado Rustici.
The song also appears on the album "Caterpillar", released in September 2007. In the "Caterpillar"'s version, the song is sung without Ligabue.
Ligabue wrote the screenplays of Radiofreccia and DaZeroaDieci and acted in the film Niente Paura. He also played the music for the film Niente Paura.
In 1942 the painter changes his surname from Laccabue to Ligabue, presumably because of the hate towards his father, who considered the uxoricida Elizabetta Costa.
He is a member of the Italian institute of Human Palaeontology (Rome), and of the Centro Studi e Ricerche Ligabue (Venice).
Antonio Ligabue (18 December 1899 – 27 May 1965) (Real name: Antonio Laccabue) was an Italian painter, one of the most important Naïve artists of the 20th century.
Ligabue was born to Elisabetta Costa, native from Belluno, and supposedly to Bonfiglio Laccabue (the true identity of the father is still unknown), native from Reggio Emilia.