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The War Department's Great Camp (Gettysburg Encampment, Anniversary Camp, Veterans Camp) provided tents and support facilities for the Civil War veterans and extended from both sides of Long Lane on the north to within 500 yards of the Bliss House. The Great Camp included the Great Tent (Big Tent, 200 x 450 ft) "with its thirteen thousand chairs"; the veterans' tents; quarters for 1,466 War Department soldiers (including camp commander Gen. Liggitt) & 2,179 mess personnel; 385 camp Boy Scouts from Washington; and other camp personnel for a total of 57,198 ""persons quartered and subsisted in the Great Camp"". The camp had a temporary U. S. Post Office; 90 Pennsylvania Health Department latrines throughout the camp with a seating capacity of 3,476; and near the Great Tent, an Emergency Station and 2 Comfort Houses of the health dept, which also supplied the Great Tent water fountains. The Pennsylvania commission also set up a temporary morgue in the camp. A special platform on the Round Top Branch was built for veterans to disembark from steamtrains directly into the camp (in February, trolleys of the Gettysburg Electric Railway had been prohibited from using the branch).