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Examples of "lightbulb"
In 1919, S & H and two other companies jointly formed the Osram lightbulb company.
In 2000, a Porcupine Tree release called "Lightbulb Sun" was issued with cover art by Foxx.
Q: How many mathematicians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
In 1900 the first electric lightbulb in the city was turned on.
Agent Fresco won a Kraumur Award for their album "Lightbulb Universe".
Philips Fabrikk Norsk was a lightbulb manufacturing company in Oslo, later Arendal, Norway.
Harris is the author of "Find Your Lightbulb", published by John Wiley & Sons in 2008.
Lightbulb jokes may be responses to current events, particularly those related to energy and political power.
A drywell Containment building which resembles an inverted lightbulb above the wetwell which is a steel torus containing water.
For example, the lightbulb may not need to be changed at all due to ongoing power outages.
Its very thin seats are the first to contain integrated illumination due to a new fabric lightbulb.
Although lightbulb jokes tend to be derogatory in tone ("e.g.", "How many drummers..." / "Four: one to hold the light bulb and three to drink until the room spins"), the people targeted by them may take pride in the stereotypes expressed and are often themselves the jokes' originators. Lightbulb jokes applied to subgroups can be used to ease tensions between them.
A lightbulb joke is a joke that asks how many people of a certain group are needed to change, replace, or screw in a light bulb. Generally, the punch line answer highlights a stereotype of the target group. There are numerous versions of the lightbulb joke satirizing a wide range of cultures, beliefs and occupations.
In 2011, Philips won a $10 million cash prize from the US Department of Energy for winning its L-Prize competition, to produce a high-efficiency, long operating life replacement for a standard 60-W incandescent lightbulb. The winning LED lightbulb, which was made available to consumers in April 2012, produces slightly more than 900 lumens at an input power of only 10 W.
Another fairly common pattern is a 1 diagonally adjacent to a 2, with one of the spaces next to the 2 but not adjacent to the 1 either empty or walled off. At most one lightbulb can be placed in the two cells common to the two clues, so the last lightbulb must go in the last space around the 2. Now, it is known that there is exactly one lightbulb in those cells, so the other cells next to the 1 must both be empty.
In 2008, Afterschool Alliance replaced its former "Lights on Afterschool" incandescent lightbulb symbol with a CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) to support energy efficiency.
The rules for the PAR 38 lightbulb competition were retooled in July, 2012, keeping the same main specifications. As of June 13, 2014, the competition has been suspended.
In contrast to this interpretation, there is a fringe science suggestion that it is actually a representation of an Ancient Egyptian lightbulb.
According to the light bulb's electrical consumption relative to a standard (GLS or incandescent), the lightbulb is in one of the following classes:
"How many drummers does it take to change a lightbulb?" joked Phil Collins. "Ten. And then another ten to talk about how Steve Gadd would have done it."