Synonyms for limbata or Related words with limbata

reducta              punctulata              interrupta              dissimilis              fumosa              decorata              ceylonica              cincta              flavicornis              consimilis              latipennis              caliginosa              signatus              sexmaculata              laticollis              taeniata              signata              consobrina              granulatus              triangulifera              bifasciata              rufipes              delicatula              congoensis              flavomaculata              bimaculata              decorus              irregularis              confinis              arcuata              rambur              pallidula              luctuosa              ruficornis              apicalis              puncticollis              strigata              kivuensis              disjuncta              dentifera              sylvicola              schoutedeni              bipunctata              parallelus              albomaculata              quadrimaculata              fimbriatus              longipennis              staudingeri              fruhstorferi             

Examples of "limbata"
Compared to "Stagmomantis limbata", "Iris oratoria" eats a lesser portion of Orthopteran insects and does not eat as much long bodied insects. S. limbata adults have longer pronota and forelegs than I. oratoria adults. This difference in body size might be an important cause of the dietary differences between the species. Furthermore, the earlier hatch date for "S. limbata" also might reduce the overlap in "Iris oratoria" and "Stagmomantis limbata" diets.
This species was split from the Eurasian "Nematocampa limbata".
Gnaphosa limbata is a ground spider species found in Norway.
Evergestis limbata is a species of moth of the family Crambidae. It is found in Europe.
Tillandsia limbata is a plant species in the genus "Tillandsia". This species is endemic to Mexico.
Anaxarcha limbata is a species of praying mantis found in India, Sumatra, and Borneo.
Scopula limbata is a moth of the family Geometridae. It is found in Taiwan and Japan.
Polyzosteria limbata, the Botany Bay cockroach is an insect found in south eastern Australia.
Ameles limbata is a species of praying mantis that lives on the Canary Islands.
The oily bitterling ("Tanakia limbata") is a temperate freshwater fish belonging to the Acheilognathinae sub-family of the family Cyprinidae. It originates in creeks with fast-running water in central and southern Japan. It was originally described as "Capoeta limbata" by Temminck & Schlegel in 1846, and has also been referred to as "Acheilognathus limbatus" and "Acheilognathus limbata" in scientific literature. The fish reaches a size of up to TL.
Vanda limbata is a species of orchid native to Java, the Lesser Sunda Islands and the Philippines.
Marginella limbata is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Marginellidae, the margin snails.
Orthosia limbata is a moth of the Noctuidae family. It is found in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Nepal.
Natica limbata is a species of predatory sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Naticidae, the moon snails.
Hygromia limbata is a species of small air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Hygromiidae.
If we consider "Anchusa" s.l., then it includes the subgenus "Limbata", which diverges markedly in its floral morphology.
"Stagmomantis limbata" are attracted to lights, and males often fly to lights in numbers, but females are unable to fly.
Cymindis limbata is a species of ground beetle in the subfamily Harpalinae. It was described by Dejean in 1831.
Anthia limbata is a species of ground beetle in the subfamily Anthiinae. It was described by Dejean in 1831.
Chrysina limbata is a species of scarab found in Costa Rica. It is notable for its glossy silver color.