Synonyms for lindung or Related words with lindung

anyjabugij              bungal              sertung              nadogo              kalih              pengerusi              tiale              lavdara              melissopetra              kambu              uiriaskum              perisytiharan              medhu              jongkong              kelberi              lham              amfithea              rugayah              asymmetron              harau              sawo              suroso              litsaea              binuang              krueng              nancere              sayidin              dwipa              gonewai              koitina              magur              kalampunian              kawaw              cakap              anyar              kekerabatan              abokum              joturus              roshtkhar              prapat              lawai              plagia              loukanikum              mezukenos              wickramasekara              kalogiros              chaichua              pontias              torea              restrepiella             

Examples of "lindung"
The principal of Saint Joseph College Junior High School I (Soetomo) is Mr. Lindung Ratwiawan, with the vice principal, Mrs. Irma Susanti.
The national park was declared in 1982, formed from numerous watershed protection forests or "hutan lindung" and small nature reserves, although its borders were only legally confirmed in the late 1990s.
Orang Kaya Indera Perba Jelai is a nobility title in Pahang Sultanate and one of the four highest ranking nobles below the monarch. The title traces its origin from the times of the Old Pahang Sultanate, and was historically known as "Seri Maharaja Perba". The traditional "pegangan" ('fief') of the nobility is the land from Tanjung Lindung, the entire Jelai River basin, to the borders of Perak and Kelantan, excluding the Tembeling. It is the largest fief in size and the farthest in distance from the royal court in Pekan, thus making the Maharaja Perba the most powerful among the four major chiefs.
It is the first Botanical Garden in Kalimantan as a part of Hutan Lindung Sungai Wain (Wain River Conservation Forest) with total area 10,000 hectares and still has orangutan, sunbear, deer and some endemic Kalimantan birds. Balikpapan Botanical Garden, which is located at kilometer 15 on Jalan Soekarno Hatta, was officially opened on 20 August 2014. It has 1,200 types of lowland hardwood trees, covers 309.22 hectares and is known as the "green open space" of the city. At the opening ceremony, Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan expressed the hope that the Botanical Garden would rival Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.
To view the Bandung Basin clearly in its mountain surroundings, visitors travel to the Bongkor protected forest area (kawasan hutan lindung), Saung Daweung and Arcamanik; to the slopes of West Manglayang Mountain in an area known as Caringin Tilu, with entry from Padasuka and Cicaheum to the north. The forest is located in above sea level and is covered with pine trees managed by a government corporation and can be accessed with 30 minutes drive from downtown. Visitors going to the north of the city also find Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Djuanda. The Cicaheum area also hosts "Bukit Moko", a tourist spot famous for its views and its steel statue of a giant star called "Puncak Bintang". Bandung has several museums that should be visited by tourists, such as the Geological Museum of Bandung, the Indonesia Postal Museum, Sri Baduga Museum, and the Asian-African Conference Museum.
In 2013 Wasco Energy was awarded the Offshore Technology Conference's "Spotlight on Technology" Award for the application of Dow Chemical Company's Neptune insulation coating. The company offers applications of deepwater pipeline coating for the oil and gas industries, as well as engineering design, procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning and operation & maintenance (O&M) services. Wasco has supplied offshore flow assurance coatings for Shell Oil Company (Gumusut-Kakap, Saderi), and Petronas (Turkmenistan Block 1, PC4). The company has won coating projects contracts from Chevron for the Gorgon Project, from Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) for Narrows Crossing, and from Statoil for Polarled. Wasco Energy operates brands such as Petro-Pipe, PPSC (Petro Pipe Socotherm), TKPS (Turn Key Pipeline Services) BV, Kanssen Yadong (Wasco China), and Wasco Lindung.