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Examples of "lislea"
Ballykeel Dolmen, an ancient dolmen on the Ballykeel Road. The Callan Valley river also flows through the heart of Lislea and has some breath taking viewing points. The Lislea community centre is still present and functioning. There is also the premises of the former Lislea School and Post Office, as well as the site of the former Lislea linen mill which was built by Thomas Wynne. The old Armagh to Castleblaney railway line passed through Lislea and stopped at the Halt.
The Troubles in Lislea recounts incidents during, and the effects of, The Troubles in Lislea, County Armagh, Northern Ireland.
Incidents in Lislea during the Troubles resulting in two or more fatalities:
A Drama Festival is held in Lislea community center each year, which was founded in 1981 by Eugene Hannaway, Milltown Road. Every two years, Lislea hosts a three-week concert called the Townland Concerts. Every concert is hosted by a specific townland/s. The townlands are grouped as so:
There is much evidence of pre-Christian settlers in and around the village: the erection of Dolmens on Camlough Mountain, The Hag's Chair in Lislea and the Ballykeel Dolmen which all point towards Stone Age dwellers.
Villages around Slieve Gullion include Drumintee, Mullaghbawn, Lislea, Forkhill and Meigh. The mountain gives its name to the surrounding countryside, and is the name of an electoral area within Newry and Mourne district council.
The modern townland of Brackaghlislea appears to be the amalgamation of two 17th century townlands: Ballynebracky (); and Lislea (). They are listed separately in several early sources and appear side by side in a map of the Escheated Counties from 1609.
Lack, Lambeg, Landahaussy, Largy, Larne, Laurelvale, Lawrencetown, Letterbreen, Lettershendoney, Limavady, Lisbellaw, Lislea, Lisnadill, Lisnarick, Lisnaskea, Listooder, Loughbrickland, Loughgall, Loughgilly, Loughguile, Loughinisland, Loughmacrory, Loup, Lower Ballinderry, Lurgan, Lurganare, Lurganure, Lurganville. Leitrim
On 17 March 1917, the first recorded game of the Dorsey Emmet's took place in Caffrey's Meadow near Dorsey School, against Lislea. Their colours, green and gold, were a popular choice because of their patriotic associations. The War of Independence in 1919-21 saw a decline in interest in Gaelic football in the Dorsey area.
From its highest point at Slieve Gullion, in the south of the County, Armagh's land falls away from its rugged south with Carrigatuke, Lislea and Camlough mountains, to rolling drumlin country in the middle and west of the county and finally flatlands in the north where rolling flats and small hills reach sea level at Lough Neagh.
Browne was born in Lislea, County Londonderry, Ireland; both parents were school teachers. He was educated at Coleraine Academical Institution and entered Trinity College, Dublin in 1903, but soon had to withdraw due to tuberculosis. On advice he took a long sea voyage and travelled to Australia in 1904.
In 1780, he married Sarah Fiddes (1765–1853), daughter of John Fiddes, Attorney of Dublin, by his wife Catherine Walsh of Lislea, Co. Monaghan. They were the parents of thirteen children, twelve of whom reached adulthood. The best known of their children was Sir Richard Mayne, the first joint Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis. Edward and Sarah Mayne were the grandparents of Richard Charles Mayne and John Dawson Mayne.
He died in London, Ontario in 1871. He had married in Ireland Margaret Ann Bickerstaff of Lislea, Longford with whom he had seven children. On her death he was remarried to Martha Collins. He was father to Benjamin Cronyn, Jr. a former mayor of London, Ontario. He was the father-in-law of Edward Blake, Premier of Ontario and grandfather of politician Hume Cronyn, Sr. and great-grandfather of actor Hume Cronyn, Jr. and artist Hugh Verschoyle Cronyn GM.
Aclare () is a village in County Sligo, Ireland, and the main village in the parish of Kilmactigue. Formerly, the village of Aclare was not part of the same-named townland, but straddled the border of the adjacent townlands of Lislea and Carns, though later the borders of the townland were extended to encompass the village. The village is situated on the Inagh (also spelt "Eignagh") river, a tributary of the Moy.
Lislea (pronounced , Irish derived place name, Lios Liath, meaning Doctor's Quarters it is sometimes translated as the 'Grey Ringfort', but this is a literal translation to English) is a small village and townland near Slieve Gullion in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. It is within the parish of Killevy, barony of Orior Upper and the Newry and Mourne District Council area. In the 2001 Census it had a population of 84 people.
The Lislea-born McNulty played for Mullaghbawn alongside his twin brother Paul and their younger brother, Enda. Justin made his senior debut in 1995 in a league game against Louth. Justin won 5 Ulster Championship Medals and in 2002 he captured his first ever All-Ireland medal when Armagh defeated Kerry with the scoreline 1-12 to 0-14. In 2005 McNulty retired from Inter-County football. Management followed soon after and Justin led Mullahoran Dreadnoughts of Cavan to a Senior Championship in 2006.
Lagan, Laraghshankill, Latbirget, Latmacollum, Latt, Lattery, Legacorry or Rich Hill, Legaghory, Legagilly or Tyross, Leganny, Legarhill, Legavilly, Legmoylin, Lemnagore, Lenalea, Lesh, Levaghery, Levalleglish, Levallymore, Lisadian, Lisamry, Lisavague, Lisbane, Lisbanoe, Lisbofin or Blackwatertown, Liscalgat, Liscorran, Lisdonwilly, Lisdown, Lisdrumard, Lisdrumbrughas, Lisdrumchor Lower, Lisdrumgullion, Lisdrumliska, Lisglynn, Liskyborough, Lislasly, Lislea, Lisleitrim or Kiltybane, Lisloony, Lisnadill, Lisnafeedy, Lisnagat, Lisnagree, Lisnakea, Lisnalee, Lisnamintry, Lisneany, Lisnisk, Lisnisky, Lisraw, Lissagally, Lissaraw, Lissheagh or Mount Irwin, Lissheffield, Lisslanly, Lissummon, Listarkelt, Longfield, Longstone, Loughgall, Loughross, Lurgaboy, Lurgan, Lurgana, Lurgancot, Lurgancullenboy, Lurgantarry, Lurgyross, Lurgyvallen, Lylo
Lack, Lackaghboy, Lacky, Lamb Island, Lammy, Lanaghran, Landbrock, Lankill, Lanmore, Lannaght, Laragh, Largalinny, Larganacarran, Largandoy, Largy, Larkhill, Larmore, Lattonagh, Lattone, Laughill, Lavaran, Lea, Leaghan, Leam, Leam Beg, Leambreslen, Leamnamoyle, Lebally, Leeffa, Legacurry, Legaduff, Legatillida, Legg, Leggs, Leginn, Legland, Leglehid, Legmacaffry, Legnabrocky, Legnagay Beg, Legnagay More, Legnahorna, Legnavea, Lehill, Lehinch, Leighan, Leitrim, Lenaghan, Leraw, Lergan, Lesky, Lettan, Letter, Letterbailey, Letterboy, Letterbreen, Lettergreen, Letterkeen, Lettermoney, Levaghy, Levally Lower, Lignameeltoge, Lisadearny, Lisblake, Lisbofin, Lisboy, Liscosker, Liscreevin, Lisdead, Lisderry, Lisdivrick, Lisdoodan, Lisdrum, Lisduff, Lisgally, Lisgoole, Lisingle, Liskilly, Lislarris, Lislea, Lismacsheela, Lismalore, Lismonaghan, Lismoonly, Lisnabane, Lisnadurk Glebe South, Lisnagole, Lisnaknock, Lisnamallard, Lisnashillida, Lisnavoe, Lisnawesnagh, Lisolvan, Lisoneill, Lisrace, Lisreagh, Lisroddy, Lisroon, Lissagorry Glebe, Lissan, Littlehill, Littlemount, Lockard Big, Loftus Island, Lonesome Island, Longfield, Long Island, Longrob, Long Rock, Loughachork, Loughgare, Lough Hill, Loughkillygreen, Lowery, Lowerybane, Lugmore, Lurgan, Lurganbane, Lurganboy, Lurganclabby, Lurgandarragh Big, Lurgandarragh Little, Lurganboy, Lusty Beg, Lusty Beg Island, Lusty More, Lusty More Island