Synonyms for litoreus or Related words with litoreus

elliptocephala              limnebius              onithochiton              pandanicola              haloplanus              paralepis              atomarius              niotha              halobellus              callicera              priacodon              fucicola              gorgonidia              hypalastoroides              lyropupa              matthewi              holboelli              callopora              arambourgi              eiselti              cryptophthalmus              aequabilis              merycodus              dufourea              mystriophis              halogranum              lirata              dissectus              codringtonia              queenslandensis              trichopsomyia              rhizagrotis              liguriella              denticollis              sciadonus              bisetosa              chaetopsis              aequatoriensis              humaria              maclachlani              dissacus              buchholzi              laidlawi              enochrus              doliolum              micropora              aciculatus              sebastapistes              plesionika              triguttatus             

Examples of "litoreus"
Hydrophorus litoreus is a species of flies in the family of Dolichopodidae.
Roseovarius litoreus is a species of bacteria. It is gram-negative, non-flagellated and ovoid- to rod-shaped. Its type strain is GSW-M15 (=KCTC 23897 = CCUG 62218).
Mucilaginibacter litoreus is a Gram-negative, facultatively aerobic, non-spore-forming and rod-shaped bacterium from the genus of Mucilaginibacter which has been isolated from marine sand from the western coast of Korea.
Richard Allen, in "Star-names and Their Meanings", lists names for the constellation as follows: In Ancient Greece, Aratus called the crab "Καρκινος" ("Karkinos"), which was followed by Hipparchus and Ptolemy. The Alfonsine tables called it "Carcinus", a Latinized form of the Greek word. Eratosthenes extended this as "Καρκινος", "Ονοι", "και Φατνη" ("Karkinos", "Onoi". "kai fatne"): the Crab, Asses, and Crib. In Ancient Rome, Manilius and Ovid called the constellation "Litoreus" (shore-inhabiting). "Astacus" and "Cammarus" appear in various classic writers, while it is called "Nepa" in Cicero's "De Finibus" and the works of Columella, Plautus, and Varro; all of these words signify crab, lobster, or scorpion.