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Examples of "lituyev"
Yuriy Nikolaevich Lituyev () (April 11, 1925 – March 2, 2000) was a Soviet athlete who competed mainly in the 400 metre hurdles. He trained in Leningrad and later in Moscow at the Armed Forces sports society.
It is at Cornell where Moore pioneered 13-steps between hurdles in the grueling 400 metre hurdle event, where 15-steps had been the practice prior to the 1950's. While official use in a race is also attributed to Russian Yuriy Lituyev, many were experimenting with it as part of training. Today, 13 steps is considered standard.
Lituyev took part in the second world war, where he was a battery commander. He competed for the USSR in the 1952 Summer Olympics held in Helsinki, Finland in the 400 metre hurdles where he won the silver medal. In 1953, he broke the world record in the 400m hurdles.
He competed in the Olympics twice, in 1952 (400 m and 4 × 400 m) and 1956 (400 m hurdles and 4 × 400 m). He never managed to qualify from the first round; although he ran 52.19 in the hurdles at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, it was only good enough for third in his heat behind Yuriy Lituyev and Gert Potgieter, and only the top two made it to the semi-finals.
The 1948 Olympic long jump champion Olga Gyarmati won the 200 metres but was defeated in her Olympic event by Aleksandra Chudina who won four individual titles; her other victories came in the 80 metres hurdles, high jump, and women's pentathlon. The women's throwing events here presaged the 1952 Summer Olympics, as shot put winner Galina Zybina and discus throw champion Nina Ponomaryova added Olympic gold to their World Student titles. Six other medal-winning Soviet athletes reached the Olympic podium the following year: Nadezhda Khnykina, Klavdiya Tochonova, Vladimir Sukharev, Levan Sanadze, Vladimir Kazantsev and Yuriy Lituyev. The Soviet Union was dominant at the event, winning all but seven of the 34 events on offer.
During the final, the six lanes were fairly even, with Lituyev pushing the backstretch to gain a slight advantage going in to the final turn. That was swallowed up during the turn as Davis surged, leading Eddie Southern and Gert Potgieter off the turn. Davis expanded his lead over Southern from 2 meters to 5 meters down the home stretch for the win. Over the final barrier, Potgieter caught his trail leg on the hurdle which knocked him off balance. He was able to take two more strides then did a face plant in the middle of the track. On the inside, Josh Culbreath was able to cruise by for bronze, completing the American sweep. Four years later, Davis would lead another American sweep in the event. USA also swept this event in 1904 and 2008.
The women's events provided the most prominent top level athletes. Hungary's Olga Gyarmati, the reigning long jump champion from the 1948 Summer Olympics, won her specialist event along with a silver medal in the 80 metres hurdles. The 1946 European Championships high jump silver medallist Aleksandra Chudina also won in her speciality and medalled in four other events as well. Several of the competing athletes went on to compete at the 1952 Summer Olympics three years later. A handful of participants were later among the top in their field, including: Leonid Shcherbakov (1950 and 1954 European triple jump winner), Yevgeniy Bulanchik (1954 European hurdles champion) and 1952 Olympic medallists Vladimir Kazantsev, Yuriy Lituyev and Klavdiya Tochonova.