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perivoli              kampos              vrysi              kalyvia              palaiochori              kryoneri              krya              kastania              vasilika              metochi              pyli              argyroupoli              potamia              vourla              kastraki              gialos              loutra              sykia              rodopoli              ahtopol              artemida              polichnitos              analipsi              krini              drosia              neochori              agioi              plaka              keramidi              fanari              eleftherio              mylopotamos              epano              panagias              zitsa              sostis              oropou              molos              lefki              myloi              pefki              fournoi              dolno              chiflik              kamena              loutsa              loutro              vouno              exochi              sidironero             

Examples of "livadi"
Livadi () is a village in Vasilika, Thessaloniki, Greece.
The municipal unit Livadi is subdivided into the following communities:
With the municipal district of Livadi they constitute the municipality of Livadi of the prefecture Larissa. However, 2011 will comprise the municipality Elassona. Its inhabitants are mainly occupied with farming and agriculture (tobacco, grain, sugar beets, corn, clover etc.)
Livadi borders Pieria regional unit to the northeast, and Kozani regional unit to the northwest. Livadi is located west of Pythio and Katerini, NNW of Larissa, north of Elassona and southeast of Kozani.
Livadi () is a town and a former municipality in the Larissa regional unit, Thessaly, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Elassona, of which it is a municipal unit. Before the 2011 local government reform it was an independent municipality.The 2011 census recorded 2,674 residents in the municipal unit and 2,244 residents in the community of Livadi. The community of Livadi covers an area of 140.90 km while the respective municipal unit 158.273 km.
Livadi or Leivadi ( or Λειβάδι, "meadow") may refer to several places in Greece:
Livadi () is a village in Pieria regional unit, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Pydna-Kolindros, of which it is a municipal community. The 2011 census recorded 235 residents in the village. The community of Livadi covers an area of 14.769 km.
Livadi beach is located in Ferma, 10 kilometers east of Ierapetra, in Crete. Next to the beach are the most hotels.
Metropolitan Augoustinos Kantiotes (, 20 April 1907 – 28 August 2010) was the Greek Orthodox bishop of Florina. He was born in Paros in village of Piso Livadi.
"A Field feast" ("Gozba na livadi"), “a lyrical symphony for voice and orchestra” (1939) represents the first example of symphonic Lied in Serbian music.
Livadi is a small cove with pebbles and crystal clear waters. It is semi-organized beach with an amazing landscape of lush vegetation, tall cliffs and steep cliffs.
Neighbourhoods located along or near Bulgaria Boulevard, listed in a north to south order, include Ivan Vazov, Hipodruma, Belite brezi, Strelbishte, Krasno selo, Motopista, Borovo, Buxton, Gotse Delchev, Bokar, Manastirski Livadi and Boyana.
The neighbourhoods located along Buxton Boulevard, listed in a north to south order, include Buxton, Pavlovo on the western side of the boulevard and Manastirski Livadi West on the eastern side.
There are several hotels in Gotse Delchev and in the resort Papazchair (Popovi livadi). There is also a tourist dormitory and several mountain huts. The village of Delchevo is an architectural reservation.
Dolichi () is a village and a community of the Elassona municipality. Before the 2011 local government reform it was part of the municipality of Livadi, of which it was a municipal district. The 2011 census recorded 430 inhabitants in the village. The community of Dolichi covers an area of 17.373 km.
Paros has numerous beaches including Chrissí Aktí (Golden Beach, Greece) near Drios on the east coast, at Pounda, Logaras, Piso Livadi, Naousa Bay, Parikia and Agia Irini. The constant strong wind in the strait between Paros and Naxos makes it a favoured windsurfing location.
The most impressive ancient monument is the (Άσπρος Πύργος), a Hellenistic marble watchtower (c. 300 BC) with walls preserved to 2 m. and an interior staircase, standing on a hilltop just east of the road from Chora to Mega Livadi, near Mega Chorio. Work began in 2011 to study the fallen blocks for an eventual reconstruction.
Velonades () is a village and a community of the municipal unit of Esperies, in the northern part of the island of Corfu, Greece. In 2011 its population was 392 for the village and 863 for the community, which includes the villages Kounavades, Livadi and Psathylas. Velonades is located northwest of the city of Corfu.
Panaghia Church (Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary): This two-aisled church dedicated to the Holy Virgin and Christ the Saviour is situated at the location called Livadi of Roustika. The walls in the interior of the church are covered with frescoes dating back to 1381. The belfry shows the inscription of the year 1627.
Katerini is home to a significant Aromanian population that exceeds 3,000 people. Aromanians of Katerini mainly descend from nearby Aromanian settlements of Livadi and Kokkinopilos, and in lesser numbers from Samarina, Moscopole, Avdella, Perivoli and Smixi. According to some sources the Aromanians formed a majority amongst the town's Christian population in the beginning of the 20th century.