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Examples of "ljn"
At one time LJN Toys had its headquarters in Lyndhurst.
In 2014, CollectorVision Games acquired LJN brand name/logo
About 100 fast trains start from, terminate at or pass through LJN station. Some of the trains departing or arriving at Lucknow NER railway station (LJN) are listed below.
Baby Blinkins were toys manufactured by the American toy-company LJN and launched in 1985.
transparent limbs. The 13 figures were designed and copyrighted by Paul Samulski on behalf of LJN.
LJN produced toys and video games in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.
In 1988, LJN acquired Italian toy company Al'es from the Fassi family.
LJN (programmed by Rare) released one title for the NES, and Monarch
In the same year, there was also "The Punisher" game for NES, unrelated to this one and released by LJN.
NFL is a 1989 football video game, developed by Atlus and published by LJN exclusively for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
"Baseball Talk Strikes Out - Sales Too Low to Continue Says LJN" by Steve Fleener. Beckett Baseball Card Monthly, November 1989.
Spanning a number of video game console generations, LJN published games outsourced to external developers. Although many of LJN's titles (particularly the pre-Acclaim ones) do not disclose the developer, there is no video game that has been developed in-house by LJN. Most of LJN's games are based on a preexisting brand such as movies.
After Acclaim Entertainment purchased LJN in April 1990, they began phasing out toy manufacturing. Using LJN to make video games instead of toys increased the limit of titles Acclaim could produce for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In September 1990, Acclaim sold the Entertech brand for $1.7 million.
"The Uncanny X-Men" is the only title by LJN that was developed by an undisclosed external developer. It has been speculated to be developed by Pixel, however. It is also the second-to-last game to be released under the Enteractive Video Games label and the last to be released before LJN was sold to Acclaim Entertainment.
The name LJN came from reversing the initials of Norman J. Lewis, whose toy company (Norman J. Lewis Associates) had employed Friedman as a sales representative in the 1960s. Lewis himself initially backed LJN financially but later sold his interest to a Chinese investor.
Jack Friedman (July 9, 1939 – May 3, 2010) was an entrepreneur, businessman, veteran of the toy and video game industries, and a philanthropist. Regarded as an influential member in the toy and video game industries, Friedman founded the three toy companies LJN Toys, THQ, and Jakks Pacific; LJN and THQ later switched focus to video games.
LJN marketed the console not as a competitor to other contemporary game consoles, but rather as a competitor to TV, with a jingle:
In 2000, LJN made a return in name only when Acclaim used the brand to publish the Dreamcast port of "Spirit of Speed 1937".
Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure: A Bogus Journey! is an action-puzzle game based on the Bill & Ted films released by LJN for the Game Boy in .
An action-adventure video game based on "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" that was released in North America by LJN for the Nintendo Entertainment System.