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Examples of "lobios"
Lobios is a municipality in Ourense in the Galicia region of north-west Spain.
The village is home to 35 residents, with no stores in Ludeiros the residents shop either in the town of Lobios or Ponte da Barca in Portugal.
Mendo Páez married Inés Pérez de Ambía, the daughter of Pedro Pais de Ambia, Senhor de Lobios and head of the Portuguese House of Ambia in Galicia and his wife, Maria Ferandes Fernandes de Lima. The couple had three children:
The Salas River is a tributary of the Lima. It borns in the Larouco mountains (), within the municipality of Baltar, Ourense, Galicia. It flows through the territory of the Couto Misto, a former independent state, and the Portuguese village of Tourém (). It flows in the Galician town of Lobios.
A Galician-Portuguese "baixo-limiao" lect is spoken in several villages. In Galicia it is spoken in Entrimo and Lobios and in northern Portugal in Terras de Bouro (lands of the Buri) and Castro Laboreiro including the mountain town (county seat) of Soajo and surrounding villages.
Ludeiros is in the municipality of Lobios and is located on the hills of the Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês and overlooks the Lindoso Reservoir with the Rio Limia being the main river that drains into the Embalsa. Ludeiros is located less than 500 meters from the Spain and Portugal border.
In 1910 "Miuçalhas gallegas" was published; drawing attention to various aspects of Galician studies, it contained a brief discourse on the linguistic boundary between Fala and Galician, corresponding to Ribadavia, and San Miguel de Lobios in Ourense, much of Hermisende and Zamora—although the last of these is, strictly speaking, a separated or transmontane Fala.
It is distributed through much of Galicia. It is present in the "concellos" of A Estrada, Cambados, Covelo, Poio, Pontevedra and Santa María de Oia in the province of Pontevedra; of Abegondo, Arzúa, Cambre, Cariño, Cerceda, Curtis, Ferrol, Irixoa, Lousame, Noia, Ortigueira and Porto do Son in the province of A Coruña; of Guitiriz, Muras, Ourol, Mondoñedo, Riotorto, Vilalba and Viveiro in the province of Lugo; and of Castro Caldelas, Coles and Lobios in the province of Ourense. A small number have been exported to Germany. In 2013 the total population was reported as 1623.
The closest relative of Portuguese is Galician, which is spoken in the autonomous community (region) of Galicia (northwestern Spain). The two were at one time a single language, known today as Galician-Portuguese, but they have diverged especially in pronunciation and vocabulary due to the political separation of Portugal from Galicia. There is, however, still a linguistic continuity consisting of the variant of Galician referred to as "galego-português baixo-limiao", which is spoken in several Galician villages between the municipalities of Entrimo and Lobios and the transborder region of the natural park of Peneda-Gerês/Xurês. It is "considered a rarity, a living vestige of the medieval language that ranged from Cantabria to Mondego [...]".
The bridge is situated in a rural area harmoniously implanted within the Peneda-Gerês National Park. It is erected northwest of the winter pasturelands of Cainheiras, over the river Cainheiras, at about above cultivatable and forested lands. It is located some from the chapel of Senhora da Boavista and from the chapel of Senhora de Anamão. The bridge of Cainheiras is part of a network of vicinal roads south and east of Castro Laboreiro, in addition to the Minhoto-Galacia regional roadways that connected Castro Laboreiro with Melgaço, Arcos de Valdevez and Bande. Further, it connected Castro Laboreiro with Galicia to the east, in the direction of Celanova (through Portos and Seara) and south towards Entrimo and Lobios (through Ameixoeira).