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Examples of "loconia"
Loconia is a southern Italian village and the only hamlet ("frazione") of Canosa di Puglia, a municipality in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, Apulia. As of 2009 its population was of 82.
In addition to the various districts in the surrounding area (which identify the presence of large private farms), the only "frazione" is the nearby rural village of Loconia, 14 km far from Canosa.
Loconia lies near the rivers Ofanto and Locone, nearby the borders of Apulia with Basilicata. It is crossed by the national highway SS93 and is 14 km far from Canosa, 17 from Minervino Murge, 18 from Cerignola, and 18 from Lavello. Around the village there are some rural localities (Cefalicchio, Crocifisso, Galere, Posta Piana, Socialisti), named after some ancient farmhouses ("masserie").