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Examples of "lolito"
In 1998 he moved to Spain and played for Granada CF, along with other compatriots, Gaston Lolito and Sebastian Hernán Cattáneo.
Ben Brooks (born 1992 in Gloucestershire) is the author of six novels: "Grow Up", "Fences", "An Island of Fifty", "The Kasahara School of Nihilism" and "Upward Coast and Sadie", "Lolito" and most recently "Hurra."
Moirangthem Lairenjao Meitei is a son of Moiranthem Lolito Meitei of Kakching Khunyai Leikai. He had two sons and two daughters. He heard the message of the gospel from Evangelist Thambalngou and embraced Christianity. He was baptised by an evangelist from Ukhrul in the month of December 1961.
For several years Haaland's strip ran under no title, and featured no named characters. Eventually, recurring characters became named, such as Louïs who started appearing in 1996, Lolito first featured in 1997, Melis in 1999, and Soto & Simson in 2003. The strip was finally given the name "Piray" in 2005. Following a long run as supporting strip in "Larsons Gale Verden", Haaland changed publisher, and is currently featured in the monthly magazines dedicated to Bud Grace's "Ernie" and Frode Øverli's "Pondus".
À la Belle de Mai is a studio album from French artist, Renaud. It was released in 1994 by Virgin Records and was awarded a platinum disc for sales in France. Considered to show a more personal, sensitive maturity than some of his earlier work the album includes a curious musing on death ("Le Petit Chat est mort") and a song for Renaud's daughter Lolita Séchan ("Lolito Lolita") that includes Corsican polyphonics.
The main rivers that bathe the municipality are the Rio Tesouras and Rio do Peixe, besides the streams (córregos) of Alagadinho, Alagado, São João, Fogueira, Barreirinho, do Gato, Lagoinha, do Buriti, do Manoel and Muquém. Because of the flat topography near the main rivers, there are places that have a rich formation in lakes: Landi, Lolito, Pedra, Correia, da Onça, da Mãe, Redondo, Cabaça and many others. The mountains that stand out are Constantino, Pimenta, Pouso Alto, Jiripoca, Tombador and Bananal and the hills of São João and Engano.
"Early in the Mornin'" has the structure of a twelve-bar blues with a strong rhythmic element. It is credited to Jordan, Tympany Five bassist Dallas Bartley, and Leo Hickman and has been variously described as a rumba, a samba, a calypso-influenced song, and a "Caribbean-flavoured number". As with many Jordan songs, it also has a comic element. The song begins with Latin-style percussion and Jordan calls out "Hey Pedro! ... Where is Lolito?" After a twelve-bar piano solo intro, Jordan's vocal begins:
In 1985, in a concert in Moscow, in what was an orchestrated gesture, roughly one third of the spectators upped and left the concert hall when he sang the anti-militarist "Déserteur". In the late 1980s and the 1990s, Renaud's work was distinguished by "softer" subjects such as his wife (later ex-wife) Dominique, his daughter Lolita and his friends, as well as the late comedian and singer Coluche for whom he wrote the tribute ""Putain de camion"" ("Bloody Lorry") after Coluche's death in a road accident. He has also ventured into regional music and language, such as the language of Marseille in "La Belle de Mai", the north with "Renaud cante el' Nord" and even Corsican polyphonics in "Lolito lolita".
The conduct of sustained combat operations resulted to five (5) encounters as follows: Encounter against more or less nine (9) communist terrorists by the operating troops of 17IB, MIG2, RIID, PRO2, DIU and Cagayan PPO at Brgy Calaoagan, Piat, Cagayan on 021320 April 2004 which resulted to the capture of Christina Miguel Garcia @Senyang, Secretary of Northern Front, CVRC, Lolito Raza @Lanlan, Manny de Guzman @Dekdek and Flordeliza Welba @Elyan. The encounter with eight (8) CTs and two (2) amazons at So Socsoc, Agaman Norte, Baggao, Cagayan by the troops of Charlie Company, 17IB under LT TUBERA that resulted to the recovery of subversive documents with high intelligence value. This followed by another encounter with the same troops on 181600 June 2004 at vicinity So Sacaran, Tanglagan, Gattaran, Cagayan that resulted to the capture of CT Dennis Cabrera, member of SYP1, SECOM 2 and recovery of subversive documents. A fifteen-minute firefight on 101130 July 2004 by the troops of “A” Coy, 17IB under 2LT ARCILLAS against more or less seven (7) bandits/other criminal elements at Sitio Mangisit, Salvacion, Luna, Apayao that resulted to the rescue of more or less one hundred thirty (130) hostages and recovery of thirty two (32) trucks and one (1) homemade shotgun from the bandits.