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Examples of "londons"
Due to manpower shortages the BEF disbanded one in four of its infantry battalions in February 1918: the 1/4th Bn received drafts from the disbanded 1/3rd Londons (167th Bde), 1/9th Londons (Queen Victoria's Rifles) (169th (3rd London) Brigade) and 2/1st Londons (58th (2/1st London) Division), enabling the battalion to reorganise with three platoons per company.
The 19th Londons were awarded the following honours:
The following officers commanded 1/19th Londons during World War I:
The following officers commanded 1/20th Londons during World War I:
The following officers commanded 2/20th Londons during World War I:
The TARDIS appears in a cluster of Londons from different time periods.
Anokha held weekly sessions at the legendary Blue Note venue at Londons East End in Hoxton Square.
Despite transfer to the RE, the battalion continued to wear its White Horse cap badge and 20th Londons buttons.
Picture of Swan & Edgar prior to remodelling -
The London Irish Rifles became the 18th Londons and transferred to the 5th London Brigade in the 2nd London Division.
In 2005 Remzi secured partnership in London's Lovebox Festival, facilitating its move to East Londons' Victoria Park.
He also runs what may be londons longest running literary salon with over 500 events in the last ten years
By the outbreak of World War II in September 1939, Londons equipped 201 Squadron RAF which was by now stationed at Sullom Voe in Shetland, and 202 Squadron RAF at Gibraltar. 240 Squadron RAF at Invergordon had also re-equipped with Londons in July 1939.
The 1st Tower Hamlets became the 4th Londons and transferred to the 1st London Brigade, while the 2nd Tower Hamlets and 15th Middlesex combined to form the 17th Londons (Poplar and Stepney Rifles) and transferred to the 5th London Brigade in the 2nd London Division.
During the war the unit raised a 2nd and 3rd Battalion.The battalions were also redesignated, becoming, for example, '1/16th' Londons (for the 1st Line) to differentiate them from the 2nd Line units, which were redesignated '2/16th' Londons (for the 2nd Line).
Due to a shortage of manpower in the BEF in early 1918, all British divisions serving on the Western Front were reduced from twelve to nine infantry battalions, with all brigades reducing to three. The 1/9th Londons (the only original battalion of the brigade) were, therefore, transferred from 169th Brigade to 175th (2/3rd London) Brigade of 58th (2/1st London) Division where they were amalgamated with the 2/9th Londons and was subsequently renamed the 9th Battalion. On 6 February, with the disbandment of 2/5th Londons, the 1/5th was redesignated as the 5th Battalion.
The London Regiment had ceased to function in 1916, the battalions reverting to the administrative control of their pre-1908 affiliated Regular regiments – the QORWK in the case of the 20th Londons, which reformed in the new Territorial Army as the 20th London Regiment (The Queen's Own). In 1935, the 20th Londons was selected for conversion to the searchlight role as 34th (The Queen's Own Royal West Kent) Anti-Aircraft Battalion of the Royal Engineers, later 34th (The Queen's Own Royal West Kent) Searchlight Regiment of the Royal Artillery. Despite transfer to the RE, the battalion continued to wear its Kentish White Horse cap badge and 20th Londons buttons.
The 6th Londons' is one of the chalk badges that has been preserved on Fovant Down, where they are visible from the A30 road.