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Examples of "longboard"
Taylor Jensen (born 1984, Lake Tahoe) is an American professional longboard surfrider and 2 time world longboard champion. He is also 6 times U.S. National longboard Champion.
The electric longboard is a new version of the original longboard and a new way of transport, it is essentially a Longboard with a motor connected, usually to the rear wheels.
He rode a longboard, and in 1998 he won the longboard world championshipsin the Canary Islands. He won the U.S. Open of longboarding 8 times, and won the ASP Longboard World Championship in 2004.
Gregory 'Bonga' Perkins (born 1972 in Oahu, Hawaii and raised in Honolulu.) is an American professional longboard surfrider and two-time ASP World Longboard Champion.
Colin Patrick "Col" McPhillips ("born 18 April 1975, Santa Monica, California") is an American professional longboard surfrider and three times ASP Longboard World Champion.
The 2+1 longboard is the most versatile board of the longboard family, offering greater maneuverability. Sometimes referred as a "single-fin with training wheels", the 2+1's fins actually takes the features of the classic longboard and the Tri-fin. The fins of the 2+1 takes the rigid stability of a classic longboard, and fuses with the strength and drive of a Tri-fin.
The mini tanker is basically a shortened longboard shape that utilizes the same longboard design elements and enhanced maneuverability due to the shorter shape. These boards are normally ridden by women and children which provide smaller individuals with much more control than your traditional 9 foot longboard.
Longboard specific trucks are a more recent development. A longboard truck has the king pin laid at a more obtuse angle (usually between 38 and 50 degrees) to the deck, giving a greater degree of turning for the same tilt of the deck. Many longboard specific trucks also have a reverse kingpin arrangement with the kingpins facing outward.
Harley Ingleby is an Australian professional longboard surfrider.
A longboard generally designates a longer board variant in various .
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The modern longboard has undergone many changes since its earlier models in the past. Today's longboard is much lighter than its predecessors. Its polyurethane foam and fiberglass design allows less drag on waves. Today's longboards are typically long, although some ride boards up to in length. Additionally, there is a revival of stand-up paddle-based surfing with boards up to in length (for stability). The classic single-fin longboard retains much of its classic design including a single fin, weight, and considerable buoyancy. A longboard with a single fin allows the board to pivot turn in order to remain in the curl of the wave. Due to recent advances in technology, the longboard has expanded its family into different variations of the classic longboard.
Rogue has sponsored the annual surfing event "The Gathering Longboard Classic" on Newport's South Beach.
"Lines From A Poem" longboard surfing DVD (Various Purplene + Ukiyo-e tracks - Nathan Oldfield 2003)
Josh Constable (born 1980, Noosa Heads, Queensland) is an Australian professional longboard surfrider.
Russ 'Rusty' Keaulana (born 1966 on Oahu, Hawaii) is an American professional longboard surfrider
Duane DeSoto (born 1978 in Spokane, Washington) is an American professional longboard surfrider
Josh won his first Asp World Longboard Championship title in 2006 at Boca Barranca, Costa Rica, defeating Ned Snow in the final of the 13th Annual Rabbit Kekai International Longboard Classic. He is 4 time winner of the Noosa Festival of Surfing (2005, 2007, 2008 & 2011) & 5 time Australian longboard Champion (2004, 2008, 2009 & 2010). Josh is also 2 time Australasian LQS Tour Champion (2010 & 2011).
It is considered a good combination of the speed of a longboard and the maneuverability of a shortboard.
Simple analysis of longboard speedometer data, J P Hare, Journal of Physics Education, IOP press, 48 (2013) 723-730.