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Examples of "longboarding"
The race was founded in 2002 by two local longboarding enthusiasts - Ian Nichols and Fred Mahe - as a more challenging alternative to another longboarding event, the Central Park Race.
Joel Tudor is a surfer, primarily known for longboarding, and competitive grappler from San Diego, California.
Point-break, left, always working, long wave, awesome for longboarding/SUP, easy to paddle-out.
Road rash is a colloquial term for skin injury caused by abrasion with road surfaces, usually as a consequence of longboarding, cycling and motorcycling accidents. The term may be applied to both a fresh injury and the scar tissue left by an old one. The term is sometimes applied to longboarding, skateboarding, and roller skating abrasion accidents, especially those caused at high speeds (as in longboarding). Symptoms may include pain and heavy bleeding.
Longboarding is associated with a different pattern of injuries than is skateboarding. Many longboarding injuries are sustained while going downhill, while very few skateboarding accidents happen while going downhill. Longboarding injuries tend to involve head and neck areas more than skateboarding injuries, which are more likely to involve a skater's lower extremities. Helmets, padding, and possibly friendly or parental supervision are highly recommended or enforced by law.
Jensen is a two time "US Open of Longboarding" champion winning his first title in 2003. In 2006, he took the "U.S. Pro Longboarding Championship Tour. In 2007, he finished runners-up to Colin McPhillips at the U.S. Open of Surfing. But, he reclaimed the title in 2008."
The road is closed to public motor vehicle traffic but is open to pedestrians and bicycles. The Maryhill Museum of Art rents use of the road for private events by automobile, motorcycle, bicycling, and longboarding clubs. The yearly International Downhill Federation World Cup Series downhill longboarding and street luge event is held there.
Breo was the official timing partner at the 2011 Boardmasters surf and music festival where Fatboy Slim, Klaxons, Bombay Bicycle Club, Sub Focus and other music acts appeared. The event took place at Newquay in Cornwall from 10–14 July with the 6 Star Men's World Surfing Series, TUACA 3 Star Men's Longboarding and Ladies 3 Star Longboarding competitions were held.
In the early 1990s, Sector 9 started mass-producing and selling longboards. The 1990s also saw a change in truck technology: reverse kingpins made longboarding more stable.
The proceeds from the sales of the advanced reading copy of the book would go towards author Dave Wolverton, whose son recently became comatose in a longboarding accident.
Sector 9 specializes in longboards for surfing, longboarding, and snowboarding. Their main focus is on hard goods, but they also offer a range of soft goods.
During the 1970s, a small group of longboarders honed their techniques. Some longboarders from this period were profiled in a 1978 SkateBoarder magazine article entitled "Cult of the Longboard". These pioneers saw longboarding as a form of self-expression, and were influenced by surfing. However, despite the advent of polyurethane wheels (referred to as "thane" by longboarders), longboarding did not reach a high degree of prevalence during the 1970s.
Raw Run is recognized colloquially within the longboarding community as a recorded video showcasing the entire descent down the hill, from top to bottom. This is typically done all in one take, to showcase the rider's consistency and skill.
Loaded's team has been credited with innovating the creation of marketing videos showcasing the sport of longboarding, and their production of videos has led competitors to also start producing creative and elaborate videos.
The week contains national and international competitions in disciplines such as BASE jumping, parachuting, paragliding, hanggliding, kitesurfing, climbing, longboarding, mountainbike, BMX, rafting, whitewater kayaking, and "big air". The multisport race "Horgi Ned" includes skiing, biking and kayaking.
He rode a longboard, and in 1998 he won the longboard world championshipsin the Canary Islands. He won the U.S. Open of longboarding 8 times, and won the ASP Longboard World Championship in 2004.
The International Surfing Association (ISA) is the world governing authority for surfing and wave riding disciplines, including bodyboarding, kneeboarding, longboarding, tandem, skimboarding and bodysurfing. The ISA is recognized by the International Olympic Committee.
Also, one may prefer a shorter board, around 24"-35" for commuting, as well as medium-sized wheels (65mm-75mm) which help commuters maneuver bumps, cracks and other minor surface obstacles. For longer distances, a heavier (or longer) board and larger wheels will maintain the momentum from a push longer, making them ideal in that sense. One problem with this way of travel is that in some places it can be illegal. There have been cases when a longboarder has received a ticket for longboarding in certain areas, because some consider longboarding skateboarding.
The life of longboarding started in approximately the 1965s. The idea of longboarding originated from surfers in Hawaii that wanted to take their surfing hobby to land when the waves were too small to surf. Surfers then figured out a way of achieving their goal of bringing surfing to land by customizing their skateboards. They would grab a piece of thick plywood and shape it into a smaller version of a surfboard, then screw the trucks and wheels to the decks and head out to small hills to imitate the same moves they would do if they were out surfing.
Sporting-Sails is an outdoor product company specializing in downhill and downwind innovations for skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing. The equipment lines are catered towards skateboarders, mountaineers, skiers, longboarders, snowboarders, surfers, and endurance athletes. The company sponsors professional athletes from the worlds of long distance skateboarding, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, and longboarding (including Adam Colton and Long Treks on Skate Decks).