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Examples of "longobardi"
The Jesuit's name also appears in historical sources as Nicholas Longobardi and Niccolo Longobardi, with the birth and death years given as 1565-1655.
Marcelo Longobardi (born March 21, 1961) is an Argentine journalist.
Longobardi primary played in Italian Lega Pro (ex-Serie C, the third and fourth highest level) Longobardi scored a double figure per season from 2004–05 to 2008–09 season.
Cristian Longobardi (born 18 June 1982) is an Italian footballer who plays for Imolese.
Three people were killed in a helicopter crash at the circuit on Saturday night. They were Emmanuel Longobardi, a PR operative; the pilot Pierre Bennehard; and Simon McGill, a New Zealand national. A Bridgestone employee and his niece were injured. Longobardi was a popular member of the Formula One Paddock.
The Lombards or Longobards (, Italian "Longobardi" ) were a Germanic people who ruled large parts of the Italian Peninsula from 568 to 774.
Joseph J. Longobardi (born 1930) is a Senior United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware.
Longobardi was married to , who was voted Miss Brazil in 1996 and Miss Nuestra Beleza International in 1997. They have 2 daughters: Julia and Raffaella.
Born in Pomigliano d'Arco, the Province of Naples, Longobardi started his career at Cesena. He then played for non-professional teams Montecchio and Cervia (Serie D and Eccellenza Emilia-Romagna). In mid-2003 he was signed by Serie C2 team Bellaria Igea Marina but returned to Serie D for Boca San Lazzaro in mid-2004. The team won the Group C champion and promoted, which Longobardi played for the team until the team relegated just a year later.
In January 2010 he left for Bassano in temporary deal. He was signed outright at the end of the season. However, in January 2011, after the club signed Cristian Longobardi, Crocetti left the club in another temporary deal. Both Crocetti and Longobardi were the team top-scorer of 5 goals only that season. Crocetti was the third scorer for Lucchese, behind Alessandro Marotta and Luigi Grassi. However, in term of goal per game (0.50) he was the first in the squad.
Longobardi was a federal judge on the United States District Court for the District of Delaware. Longobardi was nominated by President Ronald Reagan on April 4, 1984, to a seat vacated by James L. Latchum. He was confirmed by the United States Senate on April 24, 1984, and received his commission on May 3, 1984. He served as chief judge from 1989-1996. He assumed senior status on June 15, 1997.
Runner-up: Juventus Snaidero Caserta (Italy) Oscar Schmidt, Ferdinando Gentile, Georgi Glouchkov, Vincenzo Esposito, Sandro dell'Agnello, Fulvio Polesello, Franco Boselli, Massimiliano Rizzo, Giuseppe Vitiello, Giacomantonio Tufano, Francesco Longobardi (Coach: Franco Marcelletti)
At one time owned by Pat Lee, the property was purchased by Mark Longobardi who was instrumental in getting the Joadja Creek Heritage Tours off the ground, and had ideas in the pipeline for a whisky distillery.
In 2016 participates in the group show "Friends" (Luigi Auriemma, Antonio Biasiucci, Arturo Casanova, Piero Chiariello, Francesco Coco, Bruno Fermariello, Mariano Filippetta, Queen Jose'Galindo, Claudia Jares, Nino Longobardi, Mafonso, Evelia Mormolejo Maria, Paul Ondit, Gloria Pastore)
The team played in the amateur regional Serie C and Serie D until the early 1990s when, under the presidency of Aniello Longobardi, it climbed up divisions to reach the first tier Serie A in 2006.
Alcock's works were never printed. According to John Bale, following John Leland, they included commentaries on Peter Lombard's "Liber Sententiarum", entitled "Expositiones in Sententias Longobardi", and many sermons. This is now doubted.
Friend and mentor of the leading artists of Campania(Antonio Biasiucci, Nino Longobardi, Mafonso, Piero Chiariello, Arturo Casanova, Luigi Auriemma, Bruno Fermariello, Gloria pastore, Mariano Filippetta...). He realized in 2016 the exhibition Friends
On 17 January 2017 it was announced that Longobardi and chef Chris Denney opened their restaurant, 108 Garage, in Notting Hill, West London. It has received generally positive reviews from food critics.
Quivi cader de’ Longobardi tanti,e tanta fu quivi la strage loro,che ‘l loco de la pugna gli abitantiMortara dapoi sempre nominoro.

Ludovico Ariosto, I cinque canti - canto II, 88
Longobardi is a town and "comune" in the province of Cosenza, part of the Calabria region of southern Italy. It is located between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Monte Cocuzzo, one of the highest peaks in the area.