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"' Kristin Scott Thomas - "I've Loved You So Long (Il y a longtemps que je t'aime)"
""Il y a longtemps que je t'aime, Jamais je ne t'oublierai."" (I have loved you for so long, I will never forget you.)
It inspired the title of the 2008 French film "Il y a longtemps que je t'aime" and appears as a recurring theme.
The instrument is also found in Mayotte, where it is described as a "La flûte mahoraise en bois, NDZUMARA, fût très longtemps mal considéré par les religieux (pour des raisons obscures)".
He directed the 2008 film "I've Loved You So Long" ("Il y a longtemps que je t'aime"). Much admired, it won the 2009 BAFTA for the best film not in English.
In 2004, he produced, arranged and played guitar on the debut album by Carla Bruni, "Quelqu'un m'a dit". Bruni in turn contributed lyrics to 10 of the 12 songs on Bertignac's 2005 album "Longtemps."
"Je n’ai pas dansé depuis longtemps" (I haven't danced for a long time), published in 2010, recounts the initiatory journey of a Soviet cosmonaut in weightlessness for more than four hundred days. The book was awarded the prix Amerigo Vespucci and was a finalist in many literary prizes, including the grand prix RTL-Lire, the , and the prix Françoise Sagan. "Libération" suggests that "Je n’ai pas dansé depuis longtemps" brings cosmonauts into literature. and "" talks about one of the best novels ever written about space. "Le Nouvel Observateur"mentions a "modern Jules Verne".
Upon release, he moved to northern Paris and lived reclusively, seeing few people. He continued to work and write, but published little. In his autobiography, "L'Avenir dure longtemps," written in 1985 and published posthumously, he describes the events leading to the killing of his wife in detail.
"The beautiful source of the river Sorgue, famous in her own right since time immemorial, is celebrated once more by my own extended stay and by my songs." ("La très illustre source de la Sorgue, fameuse par elle-même depuis longtemps, est devenue plus célèbre encore par mon long séjour et par mes chants").
"Ah ! Il y a déjà longtemps que les persécutions diaboliques des Farfadets auraient eu un terme sur la terre, si quelqu'un de vos sujets avait eu le courage de vous les dévoiler. C'est pour les démasquer que je vous dédie mon ouvrage; vous ne serez pas insensibles à mes tourments, vous les ferez cesser dès qu'ils vous seront connus."
Le prince me parla longtemps de sa famille, des voyages que son grand-père avait faits en Europe et des honneurs qu'il y avait obtenus. Il s'exprimait fort bien en italien, comme la plupart des émirs et des cheiks du Liban...
In 2005, she wrote the lyrics for ten out of twelve songs for Louis Bertignac's new album "Longtemps", and performed two duets with him on the album, "Les Frôleuses" and "Sans toi". In 2006, Bruni recorded "Those Little Things", an English-language translation of the Serge Gainsbourg song "Ces petits riens" for the tribute album "Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited". She took part in the opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in a parade paying tribute to the Italian flag.
Among the poems set to music and published in his anthology are the famous "Mignonne allons voir si la rose" and "Ma petite colombelle", by Ronsard; "Si vous regardez madame", by Du Bellay; and "Longtemps y a que je vis en espoir", by Marot. Some of these airs have been reused by the polyphonists, as is the case with "Une jeune fillette", converted by Clément Janequin —who was perhaps his pupil— into his "Il estoi une fillette".
In 1925, Compo purchased Starr Phonograph of Quebec and Beaudry remained with the company. During this time most of the prominent singers in Quebec appeared on the Starr label. Beaudry's most insightful move may have been supporting Mary Bolduc in spite of the lack of success on her first release, "Y'a longtemps que je couche par terre". The sale of Bolduc's records would later be critical to the survival of Starr through the Great Depression.
"Depuis longtemps déjà Dutertre-Delporte recueillait des débris de poissons fossiles; de son côté Bouchard-Chantereaux en accumulait dans ses riches collections paléontologiques. Les auteurs classiques avaient connaissance des espèces que possédaient les deux naturalistes. Egerton adonné, dans la famille des Chimères, le nom de Dutertre à un individu du genre Ischyodus. Gervais, dans sa Zoologie et Géologie Françaises cite Bouchard à propos d'un Ibodus".
Many plays were adapted for TV, such as her performances as Helena in Shakespeares "Midsummer Night's Dream"; her Sylvie in Marcel Aymés "Les oiseaux de lune"; her Colomba in Jules Romains's adaptation of Ben Johnson's "Volpone"; her Clarisse in Jacques Deval's "Il y a longtemps que je t'aime"; her title role in Jules Supervielle's "Shéhérazade"; and her Louise de La Vallière in "Le château perdu". Her last stage role was as Célimène in Jacques Rampal's "Celimene and the Cardinal".
Interestingly, Guillaume Apollinaire, in a poem written in 1907 entitled "La Tzigane", writes of a "blue bird": "Et l'oiseau bleu perdit ses plumes Et les mendiants leurs Avé". He does so again in 1908 in another poem, entitled "Fiançailles": "Le printemps laisse errer les fiancés parjures, Et laisse feuilloler longtemps les plumes bleues, Que secoue le cyprès où niche l'oiseau bleu". And yet again, this time in 1918, in "Un oiseau chante": Moi seul l'oiseau bleu s'égosille, Oiseau bleu comme le coeur bleu, De mon amour au coeur céleste".
The resulting rout of the Scythians by the Greeks is halted by a "dea ex machina" appearance of Diana, who commands the Scythians to restore her statue to Greece ("Arrêtez! Écoutez mes décrets éternels"). She also issues pardon to Orestes for murdering his mother, sending him to be king over Mycenae and bidding him restore Iphigenia to her country. As Diana is carried back into the clouds, everyone sings a concluding chorus of rejoicing at having the favor of earth and heaven restored to them ("Les dieux, longtemps en courroux").
Bolduc was recommended by folk singer Ovila Légaré to musical producer Roméo Beaudry of the Compo Company. Beaudry signed musicians for French language recordings on the Starr Records label. Beaudry signed her to a recording contract to make four 78 rpm records, paying her $25 per side. She made her first recording in April 1929, the French folk song "Y'a longtemps que je couche par terre" on side A, and an instrumental reel on side B. The record was a commercial flop. Her next two recordings also had meagre sales.
As a novelist, he was awarded the Prix Roger Nimier for "J'ai cru trop longtemps aux vacances" in 1967 ; the Prix Cazes for "Panne sèche" in 1976, the Prix Interallié for "L'Orphelin de mer... ou les Mémoires de monsieur Non" in 1982, the Prix Sainte-Beuve in 1987 for "Les livres dans la peau", and the Prix Charles Oulmont in 1993 for "Lettre à mon genou". Author of around thirty books, he was also a television producer and worked for the cinema writing scenarios and dialogue.