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Examples of "lootpack"
Jack Brown, better known by his stage name Wildchild, is an American rapper from California. He is a member of Lootpack.
In 2002 Woody toured the United States with Stones Throw Records' artists Lootpack (Madlib, Wildchild & DJ Romes), Declaime, J Sands (Lone Catalist) and P Trix (US DMC Champion) and DJ Dopey (World Disco Mix Club Champion)
Lootpack is an American hip hop group signed to Stones Throw Records with members Madlib, Wildchild, and DJ Romes. They made their first appearance on the 1993 debut album by Tha Alkaholiks, "21 & Over".
The first vinyl by Lootpack, "Ill Psych Move EP", was released in 1996 on a label named Crate Digga's Palace founded by Madlib's father, Otis Jackson Sr. After this 12" they caught the attention of Stones Throw founder Peanut Butter Wolf, producer and DJ. Eventually the three of them signed for Stones Throw leading to their 1999 release of "". A follow-up has not been released, but all three of them have collaborated on other projects and recorded solo records. DJ Romes released the "Hamburger Hater Breaks" record in 2001, Madlib has produced concept albums as Quasimoto and Yesterdays New Quintet. Wildchild's 2003 album "Secondary Protocol" featured all Lootpack members and is the closest thing to a second Lootpack album.
Madlib Invazion is the debut EP by Oxnard based hip hop producer and rapper Madlib. This EP contains production from Madlib and features vocals from fellow Lootpack member Wildchild and label mate MED among others.
The Likwit Crew is a West Coast hip hop collective. It was founded by King T who recruited Tha Alkaholiks as his first acts. Then, other artists such as Xzibit, Phil Da Agony, Lootpack, Defari, Styliztik Jones, Declaime, J. Wells and The Barbershop MC's joined.
A.J. Henriques of "Stylus Magazine" gave "Liberation" a grade of A–, commenting that "Talib Kweli sounds more energized rhyming over Madlib's production than he has in years" and "Madlib has crafted his most traditionally rappable beats since his work with Lootpack."
"Microphone Mathematics" is the second single by Quasimoto, the rapping alter ego of Madlib. These tracks later appeared on his debut album "The Unseen". On the album, however, "Discipline 99" was split into 2 tracks. Part 0 featured "Mr. Herb," while part 1 featured Wildchild of the Lootpack.
Dented Artists have collaborated with Björk, Cuts for Gorillaz remix, Scratch Perverts, Plan B, Dudley Perkins, Wildchild (lootpack) OhNo, Roc C, R. A. The Rugged Man, Dabrye, Canibuss, K-Solo, Vex'd, Skinnyman, Jehst, DJ Vadim, Natalie Williams, Rodney P, Skitz, Euphrates, Niraj Chaag, Dum Dum Project, Taskforce, Doujah Raze, Puto Largo, SFDK (Spain), Micky Finn, Baby J, and others.
Soundpieces: Da Antidote! is the first studio album by Lootpack, an American hip hop group consisting of Madlib, Wildchild and DJ Romes. It was released on Stones Throw Records in 1999. The album was produced by Madlib and mixed by Kutmaster Kurt.
Coast II Coast is the second album of hip hop trio The Alkaholiks released in February 28, 1995. It features guest rapping from Xzibit, Diamond D, King Tee, Lootpack, Q-Tip, Declaime and The Baby Bubbas. It features production from Tha Alkoholiks themselves, E-Swift, Madlib and Diamond D.
21 & Over is the debut album by West Coast hip hop group, Tha Alkaholiks. It is highly praised, and has been described as "the quintessential West Coast party album." It has ten tracks, timed at only about 35 minutes, but it contains three singles, "Make Room," "Likwit" and "Mary Jane." None of these singles reached The Billboard Hot 100, but they all did well on the Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales chart. The only single that contains vocals from anybody other than Tash and J-Ro is "Likwit," which features King Tee. King Tee is responsible for founding Tha Alkaholiks, and the track's title is a reference to the Likwit Crew that he created. Lootpack and Threat are the only other guest vocalists on this album, but production is provided by Tha Alkaholiks, King Tee, Lootpack and Derick "D. Pimp" Williams.
Likwidation is the third album by West Coast hip hop group Tha Alkaholiks, released in August 26, 1997 on Loud Records. The album features a large amount of guest appearances, including Nas, Lootpack, Keith Murray, Xzibit, LL Cool J, Ol' Dirty Bastard and King Tee. The album's lead single, "Hip Hop Drunkies", became the group's biggest hit in 1997, peaking at #66 on the "Billboard" Hot 100 chart. Following the release of "Likwidation", group member Tash temporarily went solo, and released the album "Rap Life" in 1999. The group didn't return with another album until 2001, with "X.O. Experience".
Madlib began his career with Lootpack, a hip hop group. Later in his career he was a member of Jaylib and Madvillain. Quasimoto is a fictional rapper created by speeding up Madlib's own voice. Under that name he released three albums, in 2000, 2005 and 2013. Madlib also released a house/techno album under the name DJ Rels titled "Theme for a Broken Soul". Other notable collaborations include Dudley Perkins, with whom he has produced 3 entire albums. Madlib has released 3 multiple-volume album series: "Beat Konducta" (Vol. 0-6), "Mind Fusion" (Vol. 1-5) and "Madlib Medicine Show" (Vol. 1-13)
In 2001 Wells was invited to join the group Likwit Crew, which includes Tha Alkaholiks, (E-Swift, J Ro, Tash), King Tee, LootPack, Phil Da Agony, and Defari , who in 202 toured with Snoop Dogg's 'Puff Puff Pass' tour, where he met Kurupt from the Dogg Pound (with whom he later formed a duo and released an album). He went on to work on the Wolfpac's "Roger Troutman Project" and put together his own "Wolf Pac Mix tape Volume One" which features artists such as Shyheim and "Sun of Man" of the Wu-Tang Clan selling 25,000 copies.
In the early 1990s, Madlib formed a loose-knit collective composed of rappers that worked with Madlib in his Oxnard-based "Crate Diggas Palace" studio. This collective was composed primarily of his friends, and became known as CDP. Madlib's first commercially released music was production for the rap group Tha Alkaholiks in 1993. He went on to record music of his own with the group Lootpack. Their 12-inch EP "Ill Psyche Move," was released by Madlib's father in 1995 on a label also called Crate Diggas Palace. This record caught the attention of Peanut Butter Wolf, founder of the Stones Throw Records label, who signed the group in 1998.
The controversially named Bukkake Ski Trip was released on 3 April 2006. The mixtape is a compilation of previously unheard tracks, vinyl-only releases, bootlegs, collaborations and remixes, mixed together by DJ Nonames. The albums features of range of MCs, DJs and producers including: Wildchild (Lootpack), Dr. Syntax, Skrein, Dark Circle, Kashmere the Iguna Man, DJ Square One, Dubbleedge, Supar Novar (Kemet), Big Ben, DJ Sparo (Scenario), Vex'd (Planet-mu), Soundkillaz, and Ravi Shakti (Solenca). The artwork for this album was produced by legendary Spanish graffiti artist SLK and it is entitled "Kaps from the world famous pornostars".
Kan Kick grew up in the city of Oxnard, along with several fellow hip-hop musicians including Madlib, Oh No, DJ Romes and Dudley Perkins. In the early 90's he was an integral part of Lootpack, appearing on several of their tracks. He has also produced some of The Alkaholiks' early tracks. Later he went on to produce a number of solo instrumental albums, as well as collaborate with several rappers and producers such as Planet Asia, Declaime and DJ Babu. His 2001 release, "From Artz Unknown" was his first official solo introduction and featured West Coast rappers such as Declaime, The Visionaries, Krondon, Phil Da Agony, Planet Asia and Wildchild.
In 1995, Blacc teamed with hip hop producer Exile and formed Emanon -- 'no name' backwards—which was inspired by the title of a Dizzy Gillespie song. With break-beat loops and jazz samples, Emanon became a mainstay of the indie rap underground, and released their first mixtape in 1996, followed by the EP "Acid 9" in 1999. They subsequently released three albums, "Steps Through Time" (2001), "Imaginary Friends" (2002), and "The Waiting Room" (2005). A fourth album, "Bird's Eye View," was recorded but never released. While Emanon was Blacc's primary project during this time period, he additionally toured and recorded with the members of the collective Lootpack and worked with the French jazz group Jazz Liberatorz.