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Examples of "loua"
Joseph Loua (born 15 November 1976) is a retired Guinean sprinter who specialized in the 200 metres.
After junta leader Moussa Dadis Camara was shot in the head and wounded on 3 December 2009, Cécé Loua said that Camara had undergone surgery and that his condition was good. He visited Camara at a hospital in Morocco and told the press on 7 December 2009 that Camara was able to recognize people, although he still could not speak. Later on the same day, Cécé Loua said that he had spoken to Camara and that Camara had responded; according to Cécé Loua, that demonstrated that "he retains his mental faculties".
Robert Loua is a former Guinean sprinter who competed in the men's 100m competition at the 1996 Summer Olympics. He recorded an 11.21, not enough to qualify for the next round past the heats.
Later, Cécé Loua served as Guinea's Ambassador to South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, and Madagascar until 31 January 2007, when he instead became Ambassador to Germany. After nearly two years in that post, he was appointed to the Guinean government as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Guineans Abroad on 14 January 2009, following the December 2008 military coup d'état.
Alexandre Cécé Loua (born 1956) is a Guinean diplomat who served in the government of Guinea as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2009 to 2010. Previously he was an ambassador to various countries. Currently he serves as Guinea's Ambassador to India.
Thomas J. Watson was born in Campbell, New York, the fifth child and only son of Thomas and Jane Fulton White Watson. His four older siblings were all girls —Jennie, Effie, Loua, and Emma. His father farmed and owned a modest lumber business located near Painted Post, a few miles west of Elmira, in the Southern Tier region of New York. Thomas worked on the family farm in East Campbell, New York and attended the District School Number Five in the late 1870s. As Watson entered his teen years he attended Addison Academy In Addison, New York.
Following the creation of this management committee for Marbella City Hall, and after the arrival of democratic normality, the Andalusian Autonomous Government withdrew the authority to give urban planning consent [from Marbella City Council] based on Article 31.4 of the Andalusian Law on Urban Planning. This was according to the wording of the Law of November 2005 which states, "due to its serious influence on the planning powers of the regional autonomous authority [the Junta de Andalucía], set out in the Urban Planning Law of Andalusia (LOUA)", as reported by the Minister of the Board of Public Works and Transport."
Cécé Loua was born in Nzérékoré. From 1 December 1986 to 26 December 1994, he was head of the Legal Affairs Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was also a Guinean delegate at meetings of various international organizations during the 1980s and 1990s, including the 48th Session of the United Nations General Assembly from September to December 1993 and the 50th Session of the United Nations General Assembly from September to December 1995. He was Ambassador and National Director of Legal and Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 27 December 1994 to 12 April 1996 and Ambassador to Yugoslavia, with additional accreditation for Bulgaria and Macedonia, from 12 April 1996 to June 1998. From 1995 to 1996, he was a member of the National Coordination Committee of Liberian and Sierra Leonean Refugees in Guinea.
Alama became founder & CEO of Backstage Production in 1999 and has utilized his management philosophy to secure international deals with the likes of Samsung, Mercedes Benz, Persol, the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, and the Lou Loua Project in Qatar. Alama would also continue with the success of his brother Ragheb, and even achieved a Platinum Certification from Virgin Megastores in Dubai for the album "Ba'sha'ak". Khodr gained attention in 2010 when he was able to secure a deal with Sony Music Entertainment to feature Ragheb Alama on a song with international Columbian singer Shakira which was featured on the Backstage-produced album "Starz Vol. 1" which was sold at Starbucks Coffee shops, with which Khodr was also able to make a deal. This international outlook on management made Backstage Production an international name in artist management, event organizing, and music production, and the company was featured in the 44th edition of the Midem Guide. Khodr did not limit his management skills to the work of Ragheb, and has also signed international artists such as DJ Karma and Legha.
Heat maps originated in 2D displays of the values in a data matrix. Larger values were represented by small dark gray or black squares (pixels) and smaller values by lighter squares. Loua (1873) used a shading matrix to visualize social statistics across the districts of Paris. Sneath (1957) displayed the results of a cluster analysis by permuting the rows and the columns of a matrix to place similar values near each other according to the clustering. Jacques Bertin used a similar representation to display data that conformed to a Guttman scale. The idea for joining cluster trees to the rows and columns of the data matrix originated with Robert Ling in 1973. Ling used overstruck printer characters to represent different shades of gray, one character-width per pixel. Leland Wilkinson developed the first computer program in 1994 (SYSTAT) to produce cluster heat maps with high-resolution color graphics. The Eisen et al. display shown in the figure is a replication of the earlier SYSTAT design.