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Examples of "lozach"
Lozac'h or "Lozach" is a surname, and may refer to;
The President of the General Council is Jean-Jacques Lozach of the Socialist Party.
Jean-Jacques Lozach (born 8 February 1954) is a member of the Senate of France, representing the Creuse department. He is a member of the Socialist Party.
In 2008, Kate Ryan covered "I Surrender" on her studio album "Free." A new version of the song was created with British producer Darren Tate for the single release. Produced by Niclas Kings and Niklas Bergwall (2N), and the single version was produced by Cédric Lorrain "RLS", Stephane Lozach and Olivier Visconti (SECO Productions). It has proved most successful in the Netherlands, where it peaked at #12.