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Examples of "lucieer"
Rudolf Lucieer (born 10 November 1942) is a Dutch actor. He has appeared in 36 films and television shows since 1966. He starred in the 1967 film "Paranoia", which was entered into the 17th Berlin International Film Festival. In 1992 he won the Golden Calf for Best Actor for his role in the movie The Northerners.
In 2001 the band "Redivider" lost keyboard player Diederik Nomden. The remaining members began what is now known as Alamo Race Track. They felt that Nomden's departure affected the band's sound, so they took on a new band name, Alamo Race Track. Under this name, David Corel, Guy Bours, Len Lucieer and Ralph Mulder started to record new demo tracks.
It won him a (Gouden Kalf) for best director, and the movie was nominated for the International Fantasy Film Award. Actor Rudolf Lucieer won a Gouden Kalf for his role as Anton, the forester. The movie is part of the official Canon of Dutch films and has gained cult film status.