Synonyms for ludanice or Related words with ludanice

hrabkov              gbelce              marinkovac              bitozeves              vochov              kukowo              lieskovany              bodzianske              belince              dupljane              poddvorov              strumiany              drienovo              graberje              hrabovec              kojatice              skroda              rudice              nerestce              bukvik              brezici              rokszyce              pietrzykowo              ozorovce              hodejovec              julianowo              kuzmice              vlkas              sakhnovschyna              brezolupy              rapotina              jastrabie              cikava              lipovice              danowo              vukovci              skowronki              gajki              pluty              lubnice              neporadza              uherce              rynowo              trakany              althodis              jakubovany              vladislavci              biernaty              rasavci              rastislavice             

Examples of "ludanice"
OFK Metacolor Ludanice is a Slovak football team, based in the village of Ludanice. The club was founded in 1935.
Miloš Krško (born 23 October 1979 in Bojnice) is a Slovak football defender who plays for Baník Horná Nitra. He previously played for OFK Metacolor Ludanice.
At the end of the 15th century, Václav of Ludanice acquired the castle and became the first representative of his noble family which resided here. But his mismanagement of expenses and debts resulted in the family's eventual sale of manor.
Ludanice is a municipality in the Topoľčany District of the Nitra Region, Slovakia. In 2011 it had 1839 inhabitants. The most important sightseeing is a church from 1701. The village is quite developed as most of the villages in Topoľčany district.
The castle was probably established at the end of the 13th century by the marauding knight Friduš (or Helfrid) of Linava who used the castle as a base for robbing merchants during the unsettled times that followed the murder of Wenceslas III, the last Přemyslide, in 1306. As Friduš's escapades could not be ignored, young King John of Luxemburg sent his troops to deal with the bandits. Although Friduš perished, he gave his name to the castle. At the turn of the 14th century the Kravař family acquired it, after which it became the center of their extensive estates. During the 14th and the beginning of the 15th century the castle was remodelled as a Gothic fortress. The Lords of Kravař owned the castle until 1447, and it was then held mostly by a number of Moravian noble families, among them the Sovinec family, the Kostek of Postupice family, the Pernštejn, the Ludanice and the Vrbno family. This unassailable structure withstood a number of sieges. It was an important Hussite bastion against the German catholic town of Olomouc and also acted in support of King George of Poděbrady against the Hungarian King Mathias Corvin who was unable to defeat the king's troops and capture the fortress in 1468. Not even the Swedes and the Danes succeeded in capturing it during the Thirty Years' War.