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njombe              adjumani              mbinga              korogwe              mpanda              geita              lushoto              pujehun              shinyanga              iringa              mbeya              butambala              kaberamaido              gobabis              ibanda              kasulu              kilosa              dedza              moroto              kabondo              kambia              sumbawanga              siaya              monduli              kitui              katakwi              dodoma              kaloleni              mtwara              kgatleng              moyamba              nsanje              jomoro              kwale              tonkolili              kaabong              agago              kiruhura              oyam              budaka              katavi              chiradzulu              mutomo              othaya              murang              kapchorwa              vihiga              kyenjojo              nebbi              bungoma             

Examples of "ludewa"
Ludewa is a town and ward in Ludewa District of Njombe Region in Tanzania, East Africa. The town is the administrative seat for Ludewa District. As of the 2002 census, the ward had a population of 8,747.
, Ludewa District was administratively divided into twenty-two wards: After the reorganization where Ludewa was moved to Njombe Region in 2012, there were twenty-five wards.
Ludewa District is administratively divided into divisions.
Therefore in the past, most of the time the Kisi people were travelling on foot from Lupingu to Ludewa, carrying pots and fish, which they were selling them to Ludewa District.
Manda is an administrative town of Ludewa District in Njombe Region not Dodoma region
According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the Ludewa District had a population of 128,155.
For parliamentary elections, Tanzania is divided into constituencies. As of the 2010 elections Ludewa District had one constituency:
They are found alongside Lake Nyasa in Ludewa District in Iringa Region. Their main economic activity is fishing, however, other activities are like making pots and agriculture where they grow cassava. From Ludewa District to Lupingu (where most of the Kisi are located), it is not far, however there are several mountains and hills with a rough road which make transport difficult.
Deo Haule Filikunjombe (4 March 1972 – 15 October 2015) was a Tanzanian CCM politician and Member of Parliament for Ludewa constituency from 2010 to 2015.
Madunda is a small settlement in the Ludewa District, Iringa region, Tanzania. It is surrounded by the Livingstone Mountains, from which Lake Malawi can be seen.
Mlangali is an administrative ward in the Ludewa District of the Njombe Region of Tanzania. According to the 2002 census, the ward has a total population of 16,260.
Ludewa District is one of six districts in the Njombe Region in Tanzania, East Africa. Prior to 2012, the district was one of the seven districts of Iringa Region. The town of Ludewa is the administrative seat of the district. A hospital is located in the city. The district is bordered to the north by the Njombe Rural District and Makete District, to the southeast by the Ruvuma Region and to the southwest by the country of Malawi across Lake Malawi/Lake Nyasa.
The Manda are an ethnic and linguistic group based in Ludewa District in the Iringa Region of southern Tanzania, along the eastern shore of Lake Malawi. In 2002 the Manda population was estimated to number 22,000 .
In 2003, it was proposed to bring coal from the Ludewa and Njombe regions by rail to the port of Mtwara in Southern Tanzania as part of the Mtwara Development Corridor project.
In September 2012, Stanbic Bank Tanzania secured financing worth $3 billion for Mchuchuma Iron Ore and Liganga Coal mining project in the Ludewa district of the newly created region of Njombe in southwestern Tanzania.
The Liganga mine is a large proposed iron mine located in central Tanzania in the Ludewa District of Iringa Region. Road construction has begun in 2014. Ongaba represents one of the largest iron ore reserves in Tanzania and (perhaps) in the world having estimated reserves of 1.22 billion tonnes of ore grading 35% iron metal.
Che-Mponda was born in Lifua, Manda, Ludewa District in what was then Tanganyika, to Mary Gandula Makatochi and Emmanuel Obadiah Hauli Mponda. He departed this life on Monday, March 30, 2015 at Massana Hospital in Dar es Salaam after losing his fight with cancer.
The Pangwa are an ethnic and linguistic group based in the Kipengere Range on the eastern shore of Lake Malawi, in the Ludewa District of Njombe Region in southern Tanzania. In 2002 the Pangwa population was estimated to number 95,000 . The Pangwa language is a member of the Niger–Congo family.
Up until 2012 Njombe District was among the districts of the Iringa Region. In 2012, the area that had been within the old Njombe District was incorporated into the new Njombe Region. Within the new region there were created three districts that had wards that were formerly within Njombe District: Njombe Rural District, Njombe Urban District (Njombe Town Council) and Wanging'ombe District. In addition Njombe Region received Makete District and Ludewa District from Iringa Region.
Makete District is one of the six districts of Njombe Region of Tanzania. Its administrative seat is the town of Iwawa. It is bordered to the North and West by the Mbeya Region, to the East by the Njombe District and to the South by the Ludewa District. It is divided into six divisions and 17 wards. Makete District was founded in 1979 with the policy of the Ujamaa. Before, this part of Iringa Region belonged to Njombe District.