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Examples of "luengo"
Luengo owns a dance school in her native Madrid, The Beatriz Luengo School, where alumni are taught modern dance, classical dance and Spanish dance.
The party was founded in 1983 under the name of Radical Party-Luengo ("Partido Radical-Luengo") in May 1987 and was renamed "Democratic Socialist Radical Party".
Jorge Luengo (born 18 February 1984 in Cáceres) is a Spanish magician and illusionist. Known as the "World Champion of Illusion" () Luengo has won the FISM Championship of Magic (Invention category) in Beijing in 2009.
Maria Teresa Luengo (born 25 November 1940) is an Argentine composer and musicologist.
In July 1866, the provincial army commander, Simón Luengo, led a revolution that deposed Ferreyra.
Luengo is good friends with her "Un paso adelante" fellow Miguel Ángel Muñoz.
Luengo had her first appearance in a feature film in "Pasión Adolescente" in 2000.
Josefa Martín Luengo (Salamanca, Spain, 1944 - Salamanca, Spain, 1 July 2009), was a free pedagogy researcher.
After three years outside the music scene, Luengo recorded a new album, "Carrousel", in France in early 2008.
Lamela was born in Carmen de Areco, son of Marcelo Lamela and Francisca Antonia Raña. He married Saturnina Luengo, born in Montevideo. His son Baldomero Lamela Luengo (1838-1901) was Intendant of Areco, and served as officer in the Argentine Army, participating in the Paraguayan War and Conquest of the Desert.
José María Luengo Martínez (1896–1991) was a Spanish writer and archaeologist. He was born in Astorga on May 17, 1896 and died in A Coruña in 1991. He was the son of Crescencio Luengo and Maria Dolores Martinez and was baptized in the parish of San Bartolome de Astorga (León).
His father was Baldomero Lamela, a Colonel who had fought in the federal troops led by Juan Manuel de Rosas. His mother Saturnina Luengo, was the daughter of Cirilo Luengo, a soldier who had participated in the war of independence. Baldomero Lamela was married Elvira Canavery, (b.1850) born in Carmen de Areco, daughter of Joaquín Canavery (municipal official of the town).
The film tells of Thomas (Facundo Luengo) a Jewish grown man who lives with his grandmother in the industrial section of a large Argentine city.
The Social Democrat Party (, PSD) was a political party of Chile founded in 11 September 1967 by the Senator Luis Fernando Luengo and the Deputy Patricio Hurtado Pereira.
Maider Luengo Lasa (born 31 May 1980 in San Sebastián) is a Spanish former field hockey player who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics.
As of 2016, the academy runs 6 youth teams with ages ranging between 13 and 17. The directing coach of the academy is Carlos Luengo Peña from Spain.
Puebla de Alcocer is the birthplace of one of the tallest persons alive in his time, Agustin Luengo (El Gigante Extremeño), who was born in 1826.
Álvaro Rafael González Luengo (; born 29 October 1984), nicknamed "Tata" is a Uruguayan professional footballer who plays for Nacional as a midfielder.
Fine Powder () is a 1996 Argentine drama film, written and directed by Esteban Sapir. The picture features Facundo Luengo, Belén Blanco, Marcela Guerty, among others.
Following the ending of "Un paso adelante", Luengo launched a solo career and released her debut studio album "Mi generación" in 2005, followed by "BL" (2006), "Carrousel" (2008) and "Bela y sus moskitas muertas" (2011). She also co–wrote the song "Más fuerte" for Cucu Diamantes and earned a Latin Grammy Award nomination for Best Alternative Song in 2009. In 2007 Beatriz Luengo won an EBBA Award.