Synonyms for lugini or Related words with lugini

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Examples of "lugini"
An Ogham stone present reads COVAGNI MAQI MUCOLI LUGINI, meaning "Cuana son of the people of Luigni." The Luigni were noted in Meath from the 8th century onward, and give their name to the barony of Lune.
Lugini was originally not a specialized institution, providing youth the opportunity to hold classes, develop their physical and intellectual capabilities along with a kindergarten. With help from the Swiss, a center was created, hosting 50-70 people per day.
Youth Center "Olympia Sports" Lugini is located in Lugyny, Zhitomir region. It was established with the support of the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development and the Chernobyl Recovery and Development Programme (CRDP) September 21, 2009, 2 days after the start of the discussion among community organisations and partners.