Synonyms for lulled or Related words with lulled

goaded              coaxed              devolves              transmogrified              duped              goads              bluffed              delved              railroaded              shoehorned              cajoled              indoctrinated              shapeshifts              shapeshifted              goading              suckered              deceives              deluded              reintegrated              tricked              cajole              deceived              coerces              dragooned              barged              crept              hypnotised              woges              inveigled              intimidates              tricking              guilts              conned              cajoles              guilted              purred              lulling              sneaked              snuck              brainwashes              coerced              misleads              coaxes              blundering              roused              cursoroutofrange              reintegrate              hypnotized              shamed              fooling             

Examples of "lulled"
With Gringo, you can get lulled into comfort, but then you’ll be stabbed in the face."
13 The Sound Of The Waves Lulled Him Into A Deep Blue Revery
I built my hut near the Congo and it lulled me to sleep.
On January 2 he describes the sea as being calm and uneventful, the wind having "lulled about day-break", and expounds on his passion for being alone.
In the Chapel of San Francesco was a terra-cotta statue by Lorenzo Gheri, a "St Francis lulled to sleep by Angel with Viola", and "St Francis in ecstasy" by Giuseppe Mazzoni.
The station was broadcast on a frequency close to well-known German radio stations, so German people would tune in by accident, and be lulled into its content. Many German people believed it was a real German radio station.
Rabbi Eleazar interpreted the words "with rigor ("parech")" in to mean that Pharaoh lulled the Israelites into servitude "with a tender mouth ("peh rak")." But Rabbi Samuel bar Nahmani interpreted the words to mean "with rigorous work ("perikah")."
Her most dangerous attribute was deception. She hid her finger under her robe until she used it. Many times she appeared looking like an old village woman and approached children, who trusted her as one of their older village members. She offered to comb their hair and lulled the child to sleep.
"Kirkus Reviews" said with a touch of disdain, "With its mythic mists and galloping legends, fifth century Britain is fair game and Miss Stewart takes to whole cloth with a couturier's skill. ... Period play, ripe and windy, for ladies easily lulled--and there are many of them."
However, the respite from war of the Nez Perce was brief. Lulled into complacency by their peaceful passage through the Bitterroot Valley, they would be attacked on August 9 by Colonel John Gibbon and 200 men in the bloody Battle of the Big Hole.
During WWII, Belarus was part of the Soviet Union, as the Byelorussian SSR. Because of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the Soviet Union was lulled in to a false sense of security, and was invaded June 22, 1941. The Jewish inhabitants were rounded up by Einsatzgruppen, and slaughtered. Belarus was reclaimed during Operation Bagration in August 1944.
He also cites the big ending, and "pullback and reveal", whereby the audience (readership) is led along a specific path and lulled into thinking that they can guess the twist, before: "boom! it hits them from over there." In comedy, he says, it is a punchline; in crime "something a whole lot darker... [but] essentially it's a similar kind of [misdirection] technique."
"To allow enemy combatancy to rest on so thin a reed would be inconsistent with this court's obligation; the court must and will grant their petitions and order their release. This is a unique case. Few if any others will be factually like it. Nobody should be lulled into a false sense that all of the ... cases will look like this one."
In his retrospective review, James Chrispell of AllMusic wrote: "Concise pop tunes form the backbone of the album, yet tinges of despair and downright meanness surface just when you've been lulled into thinking this is another pop group". "Trouser Press" wrote that "E's material works best when he finds the rare balance between his misanthropy and his capacity for warmth."
The monster was lulled to sleep while Blathmac went with 1,200 followers to seek help from Mac Creiche, whom he found with his disciple Mainchín and his bell, the Finnfaidech. Mac Creiche asked for the promise of a perpetual tribute to himself and to his relics before he would come.
Ivanova, Delenn and Lyta venture to Z'ha'dum to search for Sheridan. When they get there, a telepathic lure tries to draw them to the planet, but they are saved due to a precaution made by Lennier. Lulled also by the telepathic message, he had failed to trigger a vigilance control, setting off an automatic sequence that sends the White Star away from the planet.
The couple are unsettled over the events and are struggling to explain them, eventually asking friends and then the police for help, but to no avail. Dunja is convinced from the outset that there must be a connection between the intrusions and the money, while Zvonko is dismissive towards that idea, lulled by the unexpected financial gain.
The medieval ' ("The Book of Invasions") relates how a band of Goidels on a migratory voyage were stalled on the Caspian Sea by ' (translated "sirens" by Macalister) who lulled them to sleep with their songs. Wax ear-plugs for the shipmates prescribed by Caicher the Druid proved to be effective prophylactic.
The narrator in this last chapter recounts the return of his father. Sidi Mohamed tells his father past events during his absence. The narrator's father learns that M.Larbi broke with his young wife. Sidi Mohamed, still at the beginning and also solitary dreamer, takes out his box and wonders lulled by his dreams
On 7 September 1746 the inhabitants of Madras woke to find a French fleet sitting offshore - and an expedition of soldiers being landed on the shore. The French ships opened fire on the town - but with little effect, struggling to find the correct range and by nightfall a large portion of the garrison had been lulled into a false sense of security.