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urang              pitu              riang              duhu              walu              oju              nyengo              kambu              niragu              wanji              bulu              desana              umbu              ngombe              punu              nkuna              ateng              tulo              simbiti              tusha              havu              gadaba              mbili              kwangali              khayo              mwimbi              karata              atai              prawoto              nande              puinave              nyoro              puang              boua              budukh              vaiphei              gbiri              ngiemboon              bunu              peulh              chirongui              gonga              yanaq              kamang              padeh              ignaciano              paroja              ijo              guwa              surwa             

Examples of "lumbu"
Lumbu is a Bantu language spoken in Gabon and the Republic of Congo.
At the beginning of Diponegoro War in 1825, 73-year-old Nyi Ageng Serang commanded the force on a stretcher to help Pangeran Diponegoro fighting the Dutch. During the war, she was accompanied by her son-in-law, Raden Mas Pak-pak. She also became a war advisor. She fought in several areas, including Purwodadi, Demak, Semarang, Juwana, Kudus, and Rembang. She was also assigned to defend the area of Prambanan from the Dutch. One of her best-known strategies was the use of "lumbu" (green taro leaves) for disguise. Her forces attached the "lumbu" to poles to look like a taro orchard. She stopped fighting after 3 years, although her son-in-law continued fighting. Despite fighting the Dutch, beginning in 1833 they gave her an annuity of 100 gulden per month.
It is known for its long sandy beach where leatherback turtles nest. The most common ethnic groups are Vili, Lumbu, and Punu,and locals of Mayumba town call themselves 'Mayesiens'. It is home to an airport, several small restaurants, and a market. There are seven primary schools in the area, and one junior high school of about 500 students. Mayumba lies north of Mayumba National Park, the only national park in Gabon that is dedicated to the protection of marine species.
There is no one Bongo language. They speak the languages of their Bantu neighbors, with some dialectical differentiation due to their distinct culture and history; among these are Tsogo (the Babongo-Tsogho), Nzebi (the Babongo-Nzebi), West Téké (the Babongo-Iyaa), Punu (the Babongo-Rimba), and Lumbu (the Babongo-Gama), and Myene (the Babongo-Akoa). Yasa in Gabon is reportedly spoken by "Pygmies"; Yasa-speakers speak a different language than their patrons, unlike any other group in Gabon apart from the Baka. The Barimba, Bagama, and Akoa live in the southern coastal provinces.